Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Coveting For A Long Time
Chapter 102 Coveting for a long time

One hundred thousand!

This sum really exceeded the market price. Normally, a bottle of Spirit Raising Pills would be worth around seventy to eighty thousand silvers. Reaching one hundred thousand had greatly surpassed its value.

In an instant all gazes turned towards the one who called that sum.

God, how could this be? Would the person who could call out one hundred thousand silvers be sitting in the general area?

Thats right, how could that be? That tycoon is so lavious! Does she know she is fighting with Ding Guo Liu? Is she not afraid that she would offend some people?

Yi? Wait a moment! The person who bid..looks to be Wu Wei Manors Second Young Miss? And the person beside that not the Crown Prince?

What? What? Let me really is! Why is the Crown Prince sitting in the crowded general admission and not in a private room?

Ai, who knows? He probably wants to experience an auctions atmosphere for once! But now that you mention it, its no wonder that Second Young Miss Bai called out such a sum so forthrightly, suppressing those two families. Turns out she has the support of the Crown Prince?

The bidder really was Bai Ruo Qi.

For a long time, she had coveted the Spirit Raising Pills. The reason for her trip to the auction was all for the sake of those Spirit Raising Pills!

This year, like Bai Ruo Yan, she intended to take part in South Sky Regions district exam for the various top martial schools.

As one of the few female geniuses of South Yue, her target was naturally the same as the Crown Prince towards the bestthe impressive and famous Celestial Light College!

Unfortunately, in comparison to the various geniuses within Celestial Light College, the fourth grade talented that she was so proud of was nothing extraordinary. And a cultivation of Qi Profound Realm seventh level was considered somewhat low.

Before examinations commence, she planned to breakthrough to the Qi Profound Realm ninth level.

Originally this goal was a bit hard to achieve. But with the appearance of the Spirit Raising Pills, everything had changed. Not only could she reach her goal, she also could breakthrough to the Defensive Profound Realm!

Aged fifteen and reaching the second stage in cultivation the Defensive Profound Realm was definitely rare. This allowed her to have a ninety percent assurance of entering Celestial Light College.

Bai Liu Jing had also placed great expectations in his second daughter. As a result he had taken out half of Wu Wei Manors silvers to given them to Bai Ruo Qi for her to spend at the auction.

Bai Ruo Qi was determined to win that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills.

Once her high bid was set, she had essentially shocked everyone present.

The grandson of the Liu Family was also a fourth grade talent. The reason for his bidding also so that his grandson would be able to successfully breakthrough. He did not expect for the pills to almost reach his grasp but then snatched away. He boiled with anger!

Originally his face completely portrayed his fury, wishing to see which bastard sitting in general admission dared to fight against him for his things!

But once he saw the person, it turned out to be Bai Ruo Qi. And the person beside was His Highness the Crown Prince!

In this situation, how did the Liu Family dare to say anything. Cautiously he lowered his head in unwilling resignation.

Stopping for a time and seeing that no one wished to call out any more bids, Shopkeeper Sun began his countdown.

One hundred thousand once! One hundred thousand twice..

The gloomy expression that Bai Ruo Qi had carried for an entire morning, finally began to brighten again.

As long as she obtained those Spirit Raising Pills, she would be able to become a Defensive Profound Realm expert!

That cheap slut Bai Ruo Li, no matter what foxley charms she possessed to be able to seduce her man, what would she able to do then?

How could she possibly compare to her strength and talent?