Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 State Of Panic 4

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Little Phoenix used all its might to flap its wings, increasing its speed, and further increasing it!

But there was a limit to its physical strength as it started to feel tired slowly.

At this point of time, it started to feel a bit remorseful. Why did it have to eat so many chicken drumsticks usually. This fat tummy of its was really heavy and had seriously affected its flying speed!

“Don’t run, you lousy bird, still dare to escape? Still dare to ridicule me?”

Little Phoenix was full of tears, it’s chirping was not ridiculing the black robed man but was moaning! Flying was very tiring and it was going to tire the bird out!

“Hmph, I shall see where can you escape to!”

The distance between the man and phoenix were closing in and it was barely just half a meter’s distance as the black robed man stretched out his hand, trying to strangulate Wang Cai directly.

But at this moment, Little Phoenix’s tummy suddenly had a feeling as it couldn’t help but tremble!

“Caught you…. Damn it, what is this??”

The black robed man stretched out his hand and grabbed fiercely but he wasn’t able to catch any feathers but instead, he grabbed hold of a pile of soft, warm…..


He had been struck once again and finally could not hold it in any further as he squatted on the ground and started throwing up!

This time round, Little Phoenix had learnt its lesson and did not stay behind to admire his “work”. It flapped its wings and hurriedly flew away to escape!

Just as the black robed man and little Wang Cai were in the middle of tussling, Huang Yueli tried her utmost best to lighten her footsteps and moved secretly towards the boundary of the forest.

She didn’t choose to head back towards her own courtyard but moved towards the direction of the Scripture Depository.

As there were few people here, if she were to leave the forest rashly, under the situation where she had no protection, she would have revealed her whereabouts entirely to the black robed man’s vision and on the contrary had given the black robed man a chance to make a move on her.

So her only choice was to get closer to the Scripture Depository because there were quite a number of top exponents from Celestial Light Sect who were stationed at the Scripture Depository. Perhaps the black robed man would be deterred by this and gave up the idea to pursue her!

By now, Huang Yueli had confidence about this because if the black robed man dared to kill her under the eyes of those top exponents stationed there, then he couldn’t had followed her secretly till she left the Scripture Depository before making a move.

Although her plan wasn’t too bad but unfortunately her luck wasn’t that good.

Just as she had already reached the boundary of the forest, the black robed man suddenly regained his senses.

“Damnit, I almost forgot about the official matters because of that damn bird’s interruption!”

He had pursued after Wang Cai for some time but was unable to catch hold of it so he could only swallow this down and turned around to continue searching for Huang Yueli.

Wang Cai saw that he stopped his pursue and intentionally lured him, hoping the black robed man would continue to chase after it.

But he waited for quite some time and there didn’t seem to have any movements from his tummy, so lacking the “valuable golden thing”, the black robed man wasn’t hooked and that made Little Phoenix at its wits end.

Huang Yueli silently thought it was such a pity but as there wasn’t any other thing which they could do, she could only remain composed and once again concealed herself while waiting for the next opportunity.

Black robed man searched an entire round and realised that Huang Yueli had already shifted as he cursed out.

“Bai Ruoli, aren’t you being arrogant and wild just because Li Moying stood out for you? How is it that you only know how to hide now? Do you think that hiding would be of any use? If you have the capability, then don’t come out forever! Otherwise… I will eventually catch you…..”

The sky was turning darker and Huang Yueli maintained her cool, directing the Chelonian Breathing Skill which allowed her breathing and fluctuations of her Profound Energy to be lowered to the minimum. So unless he saw her hiding her with his own eyes, otherwise just based on his senses and feeling, it was practically impossible to discover that a living human was right here.