Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 Where Has Lier Gone To? 1

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The black robed man surveyed the forest several rounds but returned without any achievements.

The forest was once again restored to its dead-like quietness.

Even though there wasn’t any sound but Huang Yueli was pretty sure that the black robed man had not given up and he was still in the forest, changing his stance from proactive to passive while waiting for the prey to appear by itself!

She must find an opportunity to leave this place.

Right now she was merely waiting for the night to dim so that she could avoid the black robed man’s search. By the time dawn broke, there would be no way for her to hide.

Just as Huang Yueli was racking her brains, suddenly some voices were heard from not too far away.

“….. Earlier I was too engrossed in the manual which I was reading in the Scripture Depository and had forgotten the time. The sky is not young anymore! Oh dear, now we have to walk the night street! Everyone be careful, this forest is full of little birds and if you’re not attentive enough, your head will be filled with bird shit….”

“Haha, Junior Brother, have you forgotten? I belong to fire attribute. I only need a small fireball technique to light up the pathway so there’s no need to worry…..”

Huang Yueli suddenly realised that the situation was disadvantageous for her!

But before she could make any moves, the passing students had already used their fireball technique to light up their torches and instantly, the forest’s surroundings were lit up brightly!

Huang Yueli was just hiding in this portion of the forest because she had used the moment where Little Phoenix had messed up the momentum to move herself to the boundary of the forest. So the light cast from the torches had revealed her whereabouts, leaving her with no place to hide!

Besides that, some students cried out in surprise.

“Hey, look over there quickly, is there someone in the forest? Why hide in the forest in the middle of the night…..”

Before the student could complete their words, Huang Yueli had already felt a burst of murderous intent approaching her fast!

She tipped her toes and flew swiftly into the forest!

But it was all too late.

The black robed man had already locked in her position and aimed his attack towards her precisely!

Huang Yueli threw out various Profound Armaments, hoping to use this as a cover-up to get away.

But the black robed man had prepared himself this round and avoided most of the Profound Armaments, going after her in hot pursuit!

“Heavens, what’s going on? Someone is making a move in the academy??”

“Doesn’t that figure who is escaping looks familiar? Could it be someone we know?”

“Shall we go up and lend a hand?”

The few students had the heart to help but as Huang Yueli and the black robed man’s speed was simply too fast, adding on to the fact that they were only ordinary second and third stage realm practitioners so they couldn’t keep up at all!


At this moment, at the main entrance of Celestial Light Academy.

“Young Sect Master, Young Sect Master! You’re finally back, I’ve been looking for you for the entire day! Mo Yi and the rest mentioned that you are busy and refused to bring me to go look for you, sigh!”

Jiang Tuxin followed behind Li Moying, shouting anxiously.

Li Moying had been busy with his matters for an entire day and the minute he returned to Celestial Light Academy, his only wish was to hurry back to his little fox’s residence and have dinner with her, followed by cultivating and sleeping together.

Although they only chatted under the same blanket and not do any bad things, but there were still chances where he could steal a kiss or something like that…..

Li Moying was filled with beautiful thoughts in his mind but had been stopped by Jiang Tuxin and it was imaginable on why his mood suddenly worsened.

He wanted to pretend that he didn’t see Jiang Tuxin but Jiang Tuxin kept chasing after him reluctantly so he could only stop in his footsteps.

“You had better really have something urgent! Otherwise…”

Li Moying’s brows raised slightly as his expression was grave and stern but his tone was extremely sinister.

“Ughh…” Jiang Yuxin gave a cold shiver but had no choice but to open his mouth, “Young Sect Master, that…. Sect Master sent someone here…”