Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Where Has Lier Gone To? 2

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Li Moying’s expression became even more impatient when he heard that.

“Just this little thing? What matter is it of mine whether Sect Master has many people or not? My purpose in this trip is to loan an accommodation temporarily based on my personal status. Sect Master’s men, you can handle them yourself and need not ask me.”

Saying that, he turned around and walked away.

Jiang Tuxin had already delayed him for so long for such a small matter when this time could originally be spent with Li’er intimately!

“Young… Young Sect Master, wait a minute!” Jiang Tuxin chased up to him in haste.

“Young Sect Master, if other people were to come to Celestial Light Academy, I would definitely not dare to disturb you but….. this person…. insists on meeting you, furthermore…”

“Insist on meeting me, then I must meet that person?” Li Moying replied icily.


Jiang Tuxin had not yet completed his words when a gentle voice butted into his conversation.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you don’t even want to meet me?”

A purple robed young lady walked over elegantly, her long dress hem swayed along with her graceful steps, rippling like flowing clouds. Accompanied with her almond eyes and peach cheeks, cloudlike black hair, she looked as though she had walked out from a painting!

Any man who saw this peerless beauty would be uncontrollably attracted.

However, Li Moying only casted her a cold glance and not only did he not reveal any smile, he became even distant.

“Why are you here for?”

Murong Fei showed a hurt expression as she spoke in an aggrieved tone, “Eldest Senior Brother, it had been close to one month since you left the Sect for Sky Cloud City….. Celestial Light Academy’s cultivation conditions totally cannot be compared to the Sect and furthermore, there’s no one to take care of your daily lifestyle, I’m worried… so I’ve came specially to look for you…..”

Li Moying replied icily, “What concern is it of yours on where or how I cultivate? This isn’t a place where you should come so go back to the Sect right now!”

Murong Fei had not expected that she came over specially to look for her but not only did Li Moying appeared unhappy to see her, on the contrary, he even set down a direct order to send her back!

Furthermore, his words were said right in front of Jiang Tuxin, totally not giving her any face in front of outsiders!

Even if Li Moying and her weren’t linked romantically, but just based on the fact that she was the Sect Master’s daughter, Li Moying shouldn’t treat her in this manner right? They were childhood friends!

The more Murong Fei thought, the angrier she got and she couldn’t help but recall the rumour which she heard about previously.

That little slut who had seduced Eldest Senior Brother in South Yue Kingdom was also at Celestial Light Academy. Furthermore, she had already fooled around with Eldest Senior Brother, even claiming that she’s Li Moying’s fiancée!

Looked like the rumour wasn’t false, that little slut had even hooked Eldest Senior Brother’s soul away! This was why Eldest Senior Brother treated her so coldly!

Murong Fei couldn’t wait to chop Huang Yueli up into thousands of pieces to let her know what the consequences of fighting for a man with her were!

But now in front of Li Moying, she had to bear with this, pretending to have an able and virtuous look.

“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t chase me away! I can take good care of you while I’m here. I brought you many pills and medicinal herbs this round and I can personally prepare medicinal cuisine for you…..”

“I’m saying this for the last time, go back to the Sect immediately! Don’t stay here and be an eyesore! Otherwise I’d personally get someone to tie you up and send you back!”

Li Moying had already lost his patience and after saying that, he turned around and left.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother, where are you going!”

Murong Fei wanted to chase up to him but Li Moying’s speed was extremely fast and with a flash, he couldn’t be seen anymore.