Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Where Has Lier Gone To? 3

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Murong Fei looked at Li Moying’s departing figure as she stomped her feet hard, biting her lips.

Jiang Tuxin wiped the sweat on his forehead as he said in a low voice, “Eldest Young Miss, the day is no longer young and I’ve arranged your accommodation. Although it cannot be compared with the Sect, but that location is filled with the most abundant Spiritual Qi, do you want to take a look at it? Additionally, I’ve also arranged a welcoming dinner at our academy’s assembly hall for you…..”

“You’re so irritating! Our Sect gives you so much money, is it for you to arrange banquets? You can’t even settle a small matter properly!” Murong Fei replied him with an angry stare.

Jiang Tuxin lowered his head speechless as he felt extremely melancholic inside his heart.

Young Sect Master’s luck with the ladies was a little too prosperous! Moreover, this attitude was just too severe.

Murong Fei was, after all, the Sect Master’s eldest daughter, an eight grade talented lady. So many large Sect’s successors chased after her but she had to take interest only in Young Sect Master, even coming personally to Celestial Light Academy so that she could stay by the Young Sect Master’s side.

The result was Young Sect Master didn’t even bothered to look her straight in the eye. He even left her here alone so no wonder Murong Fei was so angry to the point of going mad!

It’s just too bad for those subordinates who were stuck in between…..

Murong Fei suddenly turned her head around and said, “Principal Jiang, I recall that I had warned you previously to expel Bai Ruoli that wretched slut, and to be clear on whom you should serve your loyalty to. In the end…. you made me very disappointed!”

Jiang Tuxin lowered his head, avoiding her stern gaze.

“Eldest Young Miss, you should also understand my situation! Miss Bai and Young Sect Master are always seen together so where would I find the guts to go against Young Sect Master’s commands? Moreover, I had already explained previously that Miss Bai’s innate talent is outstanding and is a rare find, which you probably don’t know about it right? Miss Bai had just successfully obtained the qualifications for a first tier Armament Master in the Armament Master certification assessment yesterday!”

“… What did you say??” Murong Fei’s face changed colour as her mouth opened wide in shock.

Hearing that Jiang Tuxin said Bai Ruoli and Li Moying were inseparable, she subconsciously clenched her hands into a fist, so jealous that she could go mad.

The position beside Eldest Senior Brother…. That belonged to her! What rights did that little slut had, to dare to hang on to Eldest Senior Brother?

But following that, she heard the atomic bomb which Jiang Tuxin threw out!

That wretched lass had actually…. actually became an Armament Master??

Where in heavens would there be such a ridiculous thing?

She had long heard about others talking about Huang Yueli’s innate talent and knew that she was the most outstanding student whom Celestial Light Academy had recruited in the past few decades. But Murong Fei self-admitted that her innate talent was also extremely outstanding so naturally she wouldn’t bother about a countryside lass, and she didn’t think that she could surpass her!

But now…. she actually became an Armament Master??

A fourteen year old Armament Master, no matter if it was in the continent’s centre’s Soaring Heavens Continent, she would be a genius whom various major powerhouses wanted to recruit! Moreover, her innate talent in cultivation wasn’t bad at all!

This wretched lass….. on what basis did she have? Why had she taken all the advantages?

Murong Fei stared fiercely at Jiang Tuxin, “Are you telling the truth? Bai Ruoli really knows how to refine armaments? Or did she make stuff up? That’s not possible. She’s from the countryside South Yue Kingdom, so how could she possibly refine armaments?? Who did she learn it from?”

Jiang Tuxin looked at her sinister expression as he sighed secretly in his heart.

No matter how talented and good looking a lady was, the minute she was entangled by affairs of the heart, her appearance would become malevolent.