Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 Where Has Lier Gone To? 4

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Even Murong Fei, this kind of talented lady who had outstanding innate talent and looks were not spared.

Unfortunately…. No matter how she insisted, or how she schemed, it probably wasn’t of much use at all.

Anyone who had seen how the both of them got along with each other would know how clear Li Moying’s feelings towards Huang Yueli was and there wasn’t any space for Murong Fei to even put a foot into.

Jiang Tuxin felt sympathetic for her so when he spoke, his tone brought about slight remonstrance.

“Eldest Young Miss, what kind of place is the Armament Guild? President Hu had personally presided over the certification assessment so what tricks could Bai Ruoli possibly play? Her armament refining innate talent is extremely shocking and there were so many students who had witnessed it personally, so she had no way to play any tricks! Furthermore, it was rumoured that Bai Ruoli has an exceptionally powerful Master, and seemed to be some big shot in the Armament Guild Headquarters. Eldest Young Miss, why not just get over it, after all there’s so many young talents under the skies…..”

“Shut up!” Murong Fei stopped him sternly.

“I don’t need you to bother about my affairs! So what if she’s an Armament Master? What is her background? A countryside bumpkin and even dare to claim connections with Eldest Senior Brother, this kind of large Sect’s successor? Why doesn’t she just weigh her own self? It’s so laughable!”

Jiang Tuxin pursed his lips, not knowing how to continue from her words.

Based on Huang Yueli’s innate talent, it was an easy feat for any large Sect to take her in as a direct disciple. As soon as her news got out, the entire South Sky Region’s large Sects would probably come snatching for her when they heard the news!

In Soaring Heavens Continents, as long as you have the ability, one’s status could be raised easily.

It was obvious that she and Li Moying were very compatible but only Murong Fei twisted words and forced logic on others to belittle her.

But Murong Fei wasn’t waiting for him to reconcile with her as she immediately added on, “Where is that little slut staying right now? Tell me and I’ll go look for her! I want to see for myself what she is capable of, and how does she even have the guts to seduce Eldest Senior Brother!”

Jiang Tuxin was even more embarrassed as sweat kept forming on his forehead.

How would he dared to betray Huang Yueli? If this was spread to Li Moying’s ears, he probably wouldn’t be able to see the next day’s sun!

But this Eldest Young Miss Murong was rather hard to handle…..

Murong Fei continued to pressurise him, “Why? You dare to ignore my orders? Quickly talk!”

“Eldest Young Miss, this….. it’s not that I don’t want to tell you. But Miss Bai is just staying next to Young Sect Master. If you just ran over like this and anger Young Sect Master, then the one to get into trouble would be you…..” He found an excuse to dismiss her.

Murong Fei was fuming when she heard that.

“What? They are staying next to each other?? Good, very good! Bai Ruoli, just you wait and see!”

Murong Fei gritted her teeth and finally left in anger.

Jiang Tuxin however, was feeling apprehensive.

From her demeanour, Murong Fei would definitely find trouble with Miss Bai so the academy would probably be in a state of unrest recently…..


After Li Moying got rid of Murong Fei, he hurriedly returned to the courtyard which Huang Yueli was staying in.

He did not expect the courtyard to be so dark, without a lighted lamp at all.

“Li’er, I’m back, what are you doing?”

Li Moying pushed opened her courtyard door and walked in to discover that the room was empty, with no one inside.

He couldn’t help but frown.

Huang Yueli didn’t like to have any social interactions with people she didn’t know well so every day she would leave to settle her own matters. By noon time, she would normally have returned to her courtyard to cultivate or refine armaments and never took part in the various gatherings that Celestial Light Academy conducted.