Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Where Has Lier Gone To? 5

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So every time Li Moying returned at night, he would be able to see Huang Yueli. This was the first time that he didn’t see her.

Furthermore, Li Moying had returned rather late today. Usually by this time, they would already have dinner…..

Where… did this young lass go to? Why wasn’t she back at such a late timing?

Not knowing why, an ominous feeling arosed in Li Moying heart!

Although he was very clear that Huang Yueli’s innate talent was outstanding, adding on to the fact that she was also black bellied yet smart, and had a character which didn’t allow her to be taken advantage of. Every time she went out, it would be good if she didn’t bullied others, when would there be a time when others dared to bully her?

But his concern was thrown into disorder. After all she was his little fiancée and since she went missing, it made him extremely frustrated!

Worse of all was usually he would let Mo Yi follow Huang Yueli but today Mo Yi was sent to handle an important errand and it was just for a day and Huang Yueli had disappeared! He simply couldn’t stop himself from thinking too much!

Just as he was feeling restless and prepared to leave to find her, he suddenly heard footsteps at her doorstep.

Li Moying revealed a pleasantly surprised expression and not waiting for the party to knock, he had already rushed to the door to open it.

“Li’er, you’re finally back, where did you…. who are you?”

His words abruptly stopped because the one standing at the door wasn’t Huang Yueli.

“Li…. Senior Brother Li??” The young lady at the door spoke in a tongue tied manner as he looked at the man who had appeared in the room, “This….. this…..”

Li Moying looked frustratedly at the love struck idiot standing in front of her. Since he was young, he simply had to face too many women who drooled at him!

He frowned in disapproval, “Why are you in a blank? Who are you? Here to look for Li’er?”

The young lady was scared stiff by his cold and discerning sight when she got back to her senses, “I… I’m called Su Qingyue, I’m… I’m here to look for Junior Sister Bai. I… I made some tri coloured crystal dumplings and this is one of the speciality snacks from the south border so I was thinking that Junior Sister Bai might miss our hometown taste so I brought some for her…..”

Su Qingyue was originally stuttering but towards the end, she got a lot smoother in her speech.

Standing in front of Li Moying was simply too pressurizing!

Although this was a rare chance to be able to look at Senior Brother Li’s handsome as celestial beings face, but Senior Brother Li’s power field was too overbearing which made her not even daring to lift up her head, not to mention looking at him in close up view!

Li Moying heard what she said and lowered his head to discover that Su Qingyue was really holding on to a plate of tri-coloured crystal dumplings. It was exquisitely made and it was tantalising.

His expression warmed up slightly as he received the plate and left it on the table.

“I thank you on behalf of Li’er. She’s not back yet, do you have any idea where she went to?”

Su Qingyue was stunned, “Ah? Hasn’t she gone to the Scripture Depository to exchange for manuscript? How could she possibly not be back after such a long time? Could it be that she is too engrossed in selecting a manuscript?”

“She’s gone to the Scripture Depository?” Li Moying’s eyebrows rose.

“I met Junior Sister Bai this morning and that’s what she told me. I even invited her over to my place for dinner tonight and she accepted but didn’t turn up, so I came over to send her these crystal dumplings…. It’s so late already, the Scripture Depository should be closed by now isn’t it? She’s still not back yet…”

Li Moying listened with a cold face and immediately his forehead creased into a knot.

“Thank you for telling me these…..”

The uneasy feeling in his heart grew even more obvious, feeling that something major was about to happen.

Li Moying anxiously left a word and immediately flashed swiftly towards the direction of the Scripture Depository!