Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 Hanging By A Thread 1

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In the forest, Huang Yueli rose the Profound Energy within her body to the maximum and ran for her life!

At the same time, she threw out various Profound Weapons which she had refined and all sorts of explosive sounds could be heard continuously, stopping the black robed man in his footsteps!

But the black robed man’s cultivation was that high so even if he had been struck by quite a number of concealed weapons but his speed was still astonishing and the distance between the both of them shortened and very soon, it was merely a few meters difference.

“Bai Ruoli, you still want to hide? I’ll see where you can escape to!” The black robed man sneered.

Huang Yueli replied, “Alright then, I shall not escape any further!”


The black robed man didn’t manage to react in time as Huang Yueli had abruptly turned around and in her hand was an icy cold long sword. The sword blade was wrapped with a layer of maroon coloured flame and she struck out aiming for the black robed man’s chest!

This move of hers was extremely swift and furthermore, she had used an exclusive Profound Skill which she relied on in her past life to become famous – Daimon Seal!

Although the black robed man was able to react just in time and managed to retreat immediately but the long sword still brushed past his chest!

A black red flame in the dark night drew out a ray of firelight, and although it just barely scratched past his chest, a burning meat smell filled the air!

The black robed man only felt a sharp pain on his chest and almost groaned. It took quite a while before he felt the pain easing off a little but he felt a slight anaesthetic feeling at the injured position. Apparently the muscles at that area had all been necrotized! Without a few months, it would probably be difficult to recover fully!

The black robed man sweated profusely, thinking that it was lucky for him to have reacted in time and retreated swiftly!

This was just a slight abrasion on the surface. Otherwise he might have been injured even more seriously and what if the long sword had pierced right through his body…..

Huang Yueli could only took to her heels when she saw him evaded her attack successfully as she thought to herself what a waste it was.

Although she might be able to cause serious injury to the black robed man if she had rushed over to strike once more, but with her current cultivation, she could only use the Daimon Seal once and it had already used up close to eighty percent of her Profound Energy! So it was not possible for her to extend the same powerful move again. On the contrary, if she were to choose to go near him now, it would highly possibly result in fatality!

So her only choice was to escape!

The fury in the black robed man’s heart was raised to the max after he had been stabbed!

He had originally thought that with his seventh stage realm cultivation level, assassinating a third stage realm junior was a slight effort and no matter how heaven defying innate talent Huang Yueli had, after all, she was still young. In terms of cultivation or hands-on battle experience, she would definitely be way below him so doing away with her was just a small matter which could be done anytime?

But the result was that he had turned into a total mess, not only was he plopped with a headful of bird shit, he was even injured now!

Till now, the pain in his chest was still hurting faintly and he had no place to wash off that head of shitty smell as the disgusting smell kept revolving around his sense of smell.

“BAI – RUO – LI, you’re looking for death!”

The black robed man gritted his teeth as he went after her in hot pursuit. Furthermore, his fury had aggravated his potential, making his speed go up by several notches!

Huang Yueli had been dodging left and right but was futile as that black robed man managed to chase up to her, stopped her in her tracks right in front of a huge tree.

“How is it? Didn’t you want to run away? Don’t you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve? The result now? You’ve still fallen into my clutches!” The black robed man fleered.

Huang Yueli smiled and replied innocently, “Then who asked you to chase after me? If you didn’t chase after me, then I definitely wouldn’t run!”

The black robed man sneered, “Still acting tough? Still thinking of other means to escape? I’m telling you, the minute you’ve fallen into my clutches, your wings are clipped so don’t even think about escaping!”