Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Hanging By A Thread 2

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Saying that he took a piece of swarthy chain as he clasped it onto Huang Yueli’s wrists.

Huang Yueli lowered her head and instantly felt she was in a bad situation right now.

This chain wasn’t unfamiliar to her. It was a sixth tiered Profound Armament called Eight Astro Intertwined Chain! This chain was specially used to restrain those practitioners whose cultivation levels were very high and it was impossible to use brute Profound Energy to tear it apart. On the contrary, the stronger one’s Profound Energy was, the tighter it would get! The minute one had been chained, it was practically impossible to rely on oneself to get out of this.

“Do you know what this thing is?” The black robed man asked.

Huang Yueli gave a cold laugh, “I say, this….. uncle, you really think too highly of me! The Eight Astro Intertwined Chain is a very expensive thing! As compared to ordinary sixth tier Profound Armaments, it is much pricier and generally it’s used to chain up practitioners of seventh stage realm and above! I’m merely in third stage realm so using this…. isn’t it a waste?”

“You’re really South Sky Region’s most talented Armament Master, your knowledge is indeed wide to even know about such a high levelled Profound Armament!”

“Oh, you’ve flattered me!”

Huang Yueli sounded modest but in her mind, her thoughts were flying past quickly.

She had passed the Armament Master certification only yesterday and this man already knew about it, surely news hadn’t gotten out so quickly!

“Stop playing dumb with me! Since you know this is the Eight Astro Intertwined Chain, then you should know very clearly that there is no chance for you to escape from my clutched today! The reason for me to throw in so much money naturally is to service you well…. I wonder if your baby skin and little arms and legs will be able to withstand…..”

The black robed man made out a strange laughter and kept looking at her from top to bottom. That sinister glare made one shiver from within.

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and not only did she not showed that extremely terrified look which the black robed man had expected, she actually laughed out.

“Straight forward people like us don’t resort to insinuations. You’ve expended so much effort in catching me alive, isn’t it just because there are things which you want to know from me? We all know it clearly so why employ these scare tactics for?”

The black robed man sneered, “How do you know that I have things to ask you? He he, I’m catching you alive just to torture you properly so don’t think too much!”

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “Really? Then….. the matter that happened eleven years ago, you don’t want to know about it?”

“You…..!!!” The black robed man’s expression suddenly changed, “What do you know?? WHAT DO YOU KNOW??”

He suddenly got agitated and pounced towards Huang Yueli using his hand to drip her neck as his fingers closed in tightly!

Huang Yueli felt her breathing became more and more difficult and the colour on her face slowly turned green…..

But she still replied while coughing, “Cough cough, Earlier I ….. opened the secret compartment…. You…. chased after me soon after…. Apparently…. You wish to know…. about the secret compartment matter…..”

The black robed man heard what she said and abruptly let her go.

“Bai Ruoli, you’re very smart, you’re indeed Bai Liufeng’s daughter! But smart people may not necessarily have long lives! If you wish to live for a few more years, then you’d better answer all my questions honestly today! Otherwise…..” His tone was filled with threat.

Huang Yueli had finally regained freedom as she gasped heavily for fresh air and simultaneously, started thinking of ways to deal with him.

This black robed man was heartless and cruel and his ability wasn’t ordinary at all. He had even brought out the Eight Astro Intertwined Chain so today’s matter would probably be very difficult to deal with…. Could it be that today would be her final ending?