Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 Hanging By A Thread 3

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By now, Huang Yueli started to regret her actions.

It was all because of her negligence that today’s matter happened, all because she only wanted to understand the puzzle which Bia Liufeng had left behind. But she never expected that while the mantis was stalking the cicada, it was unaware of the oriole behind…..

If she had knew this earlier, she should be able to prepare herself beforehand for this…..

The black robed man say her not saying a word and abruptly pinched her delicate chin as he raised it upwards with force.

“My words… have you heard it clearly? Speak!”

“Heard… heard it clearly….” Huang Yueli coughed as she spoke, “But, the things you want to ask, really…. too long ago. I was only three years old then and at such a small age, I can’t remember it at all, there’s also so many things which I cannot remember…..”

The black robed man sneered when he heard that, “Don’t even think of stalling for time. Since you can’t remember, then I’ll bring you back and think about it slowly!”

Saying that he struck out a hand gesture and the Eight Astro Intertwined Chain automatically tightened itself, bundling Huang Yueli into a dumpling shape.

Huang Yueli subconsciously struggled and immediately felt that the chain became even tighter, restraining her chest area, rendering her unable to breathe!

She secretly bled in her mind: The reason for her to say that was indeed to stall for time but this black robed man was very cunning and didn’t fall for her trick…. Looks like getting off the hook wasn’t going to be an easy task.

The black robed man bundled her securely and tugged at the chain, attempting to drag her away.

Huang Yueli staggered and didn’t managed to hold her footing as she fell towards the front. She was just about to fall face down onto the ground, with a mouthful of mud.

She instinctively shut her eyes, not wanting to face the reality of having a swollen face from the fall.

However just as she was about to hit the ground, her waist was suddenly caught hold of which prevented her from her falling position.

Following that, her back leaned against a warm and strong built body.

What was going on?

Huang Yueli had yet to react when she heard the black robed man crying out in shock, “You…. it’s you…..??”

“You have a lot of guts to dare touch my people!”

The familiar deep voice rang beside her ear!

Huang Yueli unbelievably turned her heard around and saw Li Moying’s distinct protruded, perfectly sculpted handsome face, as though it was plastered next to her cheek but locked on her waist was his firm and strong arm.

“You… Li Moying?”

Hearing the young lady in his embrace making a sound, Li Moying’s palm which was holding on to her slender waist grew even tighter, but didn’t turned around to look at her.

At this point of time, his face was filled with frost and his handsome features looked extremely cool and stern as his Profound Energy around him uncontrollably penetrated out of his body, unveiling the berserk fury that this man was feeling in his inner heard!

The instance the black robed man saw Li Moying, he resolutely made a decision.

He immediately turned around and used his fastest speed to escape.

A cold bitter glare shone from Li Moying’s right hand as the Amethyst Light Sword was unsheathed!

Thunder attributed Profound Energy in the forest charged insanely towards his sword vanguard and when his long sword shook out, a blinding thunder streak shot towards the direction of the black robed man!

The black robed man displayed his footwork in an attempt to evade but he was too late as the thunder streak struck his back, giving off a terrifying explosive sound.

Pain filled his entire body and his organs seemed to be completely shattered so he couldn’t bear it any further and shrieked out in pain!

Li Moying’s foot shifted and taking the opportunity while the black robed man’s speed had dropped, he chased after him!

Under the intense excruciating pain, he forcefully controlled himself and conjured up his strongest move as he turned around and struck!

This target of this move was not Li Moying but rather it was aimed at Huang Yueli who was in his embrace!