Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 Senior Brother Lis Taste Is So Heavy 2

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Moreover Huang Yueli usually didn’t like anyone following her around and often diverted his Shadow Guards away to act independently. Facing this kind of dangerous situation, there wasn’t much chances for her to defend herself…..

Suddenly, Li Moying thought of a critical question.

The Scripture Depository was a place in the entire Celestial Light Academy which had the highest security. His little thing had just made a trip to the Scripture Depository and actually had someone pursuing her life!

This was just too abnormal and apparently, this little thing must have done some special stuff which made others kept a close watch on her. As for this matter…. as her fiancé, he knew absolutely nothing about it!

How many more things was this lass going to hide from him?

Did she even treated him as her man?

Thinking of this, Li Moying turned around and stared at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli saw his fierce look and blinked her eyes innocently, asking curiously, “Why? You’re still upset? Don’t worry, anyway the next time the black robed man appears, we will be able to capture him, so don’t be too…. ouch!”

She felt a sharp pain on her lower jaw as Li Moying pinched her chin and lifted her face up forcefully.

After that, he used all his strength to press down on her lips!

Li Moying’s kiss was very sudden and furthermore, it wasn’t gentle. It was skin to a violent crush onto that cherry blossomed-like delicate lips, and even biting her hard!

Huang Yueli cried out in pain but that allowed Li Moying to take advantage of the situation as he let his tongue into her mouth, exploring everywhere hurriedly!

Huang Yueli turned her head around in an attempt to struggle free btu the man’s fingers were strong as though a metal pincer holding on to her lower jaw, even causing her to be in pain.

She couldn’t struggle free so she could only helplessly allowed the man’s overbearing force to intrude!

As time went past, Huang Yueli didn’t even have the breath to pant when this kiss finally came to an end.

Li Moying stepped back a little and lowered his head to see her flushed face and moistened eyes. His heart pounded and couldn’t help but bit her lips once again!

“You! Are you born in the year of the dog? Wh… Why did you bite me? I’m warning you…..”

Huagn Yueli questioned him, feeling that her lips were both painful and numb, it probably had been kissed swollen by him!

This man was just too savage isn’t it? He actually bit her when their thoughts collided and later on kissed her till she grew groggy, totally unable to gauge where she was…..

Li Moying put his forehead onto hers and laughed deeply, “Warn me? What you do want to warn me about? Hmm?”

Following his closing in, the strong man’s breath filled her nose and the pressure was just too intense, making her heart pound, biting on to her lips not making a single sound.

“Tell me, what do you want to warn me about?”

Li Moying looked at her blushing look, as his heart pounded and got close to her intentionally, greedily looking at her shy look.

Huang Yueli started crying foul in her heart! What’s the big deal about being handsome? Why… Why did he show this look… Ah ah ah… what else should she say?

After some time, she finally forced out a sentence, “You… you let me go! Quickly let go!”

Li Moying shrugged his shoulders, “Alright, since you strongly requested for it, then I’ll let you go!”

“Quick!” Huang Yueli urged.

Li Moying’s eye flashed a mischievous intent and his arms really loosened, letting her go.

Huang Yueli felt the pressure on her waist disappeared and was heaving a sigh of relief but she discovered that her body actually uncontrollably fell towards the back. She tried to maintain her balance but she wasn’t able to move her hands and feet…..