Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 The Person You Like 1

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They didn’t know if Li Moying saw them as he tangled with Huang Yueli for a while as though there was no one around.

When he finally carried his calmed fiancée and left, those students instantly broke out!

“Wait, what did I see? Senior Brother Li carried Junior Sister Bai out from the forest and they actually…. ah, actually… played bondage?”

“I saw that too, Junior Sister Bai had been tied up securely from head to toe! Her hands and feet are tied on her back and she totally couldn’t move an inch…. Senior Brother Li’s taste is a little too heavy, isn’t it!”

“Hmm, what do you mean? Could it be that….. Senior Brother Li had that kind…. That kind of special hobby?”

“Isn’t that so? Otherwise why was Junior Sister Bai tied up in that way? He even hit her butt!”

“Heavens, his taste is so heavy! I’d never expected Senior Brother Li to actually have this kind of hobby…. Junior Sister Bai has such great talent but she actually was willing to be abused by him in this way?”

“This is something that you don’t understand. Some people likes to torture others so naturally there would be some who loved to be abused! This is called….. inclination!”

The few of them looked at one another in dismay and thought that they had seen through Li Moying and Huang Yueli’s real selves.

Huang Yueli totally had not expected that Li Moying and her actions had been misinterpreted into such a manner! Furthermore, they had even been treated like a piece of gossip news which spread throughout Celestial Light Academy.

Otherwise, she absolutely would fight adamantly against the evil forces till the bitter end!

Li Moying, on the other hand, had faintly heard the discussions behind their backs but he didn’t treat it as something important. As a man who had a beautiful, intelligent and capable wife, he had to allow those single dogs to admire, envied, be jealous and hated them so these were all unavoidable!

Moreover, he had something even more pressing to handle now so he had no mood to deal with these.

He carried Huang Yueli back to her room and threw her onto the bed.

Huang Yueli was like a caterpillar as she twisted and turned on the bed, speaking out at the same time, “Alright, now listen to my instructions and help me untie this Eight Astro Intertwined Chain. First of all…”

She was still talking when her eyes suddenly widened and she looked with her mouth opened and eyes bulging at Li Moying, who had stretched out his slender fingers and gently pinched the chain, casually shaking it.

A “Ding dong dong” sound was heard as the entire chain fell apart onto the ground.

“You… this…..”

Even Huang Yueli was also stunned by this!

She knew Li Moying’s ability was very strong, but… that was afterall a sixth tier Profound Armament! To use brute force to break it apart was very difficult. Not only did the Profound Energy needed to be extremely pure, it also had to be paired with an exclusive method otherwise even a ninth stage realm top exponent might not be able to break it apart…..

After Li Moying broke the chain, he hurriedly climbed up the bed and as his body hovered above Huang Yueli, he looked downwards at her.

“Li….. Moying…. why are you getting so close to me for?”

Huang Yueli suddenly got flustered.

This man’s expression was unfathomable and the way he gazed at her was filled with invasiveness, as though he was going to eat her up cleanly…. Furthermore, the both of them were not in the quiet, dirty forest but on a clean and soft bed!

This stance was just too ambiguous!

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand against his chest and gave him a push, “Get away further, I’m tired and I want to take a shower!”

Li Moying grasped her little hand and said in a chilly voice, “After you’ve showered, I have something to ask you!”

Huang Yueli was shocked, “What? You want to ask me something?”

Li Moying said, “What did you do when you went to the Scripture Depository today?