Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 The Person You Like 2

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Huang Yueli blinked, “Ughh, ah…. Regarding this….. I went to the Scripture Depository is because…. is because I went to exchange for manuscript! You also know that after I’ve passed the Armament Master certification, I obtained three Honorary Points so I cannot waste it…..”

The corners of Li Moying’s lips curled coldly cutting into her words, “Do you treat me like an idiot? You went to borrow a manuscript and someone specially went to assassinate you? Moreover a seventh stage realm top expert? To risk making a move in Celestial Light Academy, there must be some important reason. I want to know why.”

Huang Yueli had rarely told him a lie, or even to say, that wasn’t really a lie but just skipping the important parts only but she was exposed by Li Moying directly.

She instantly became embarrassed, “This matter is rather complicated and it can’t be told in just two or three sentences…..”

Li Moying sneered, “If you can’t finish the story in two or three sentences, then add on more sentences. Anyway, I have a lot of time so no matter how long the story is, I have the patience to hear it out!”

Huang Yueli shifted her eyes slowly from bottom to top and secretly took a glance at his expression. Even though that handsome face was filled with unhappiness, it was still so good looking that it could suffocate one. His forehead creased slightly and his tightly pursed lips made him looked invasive whereas his well-built body gave out an intense pressurizing feeling.

Li Moying usually treated her gently and was full of consideration, and was rarely so fierce towards her.

Huang Yueli unhappily stared at him, “Why are you acting so fierce for? I didn’t say I won’t tell you!”

She thought about it and felt that there wasn’t any need to hide this from Li Moying. If she couldn’t even trust Li Moying, then she really didn’t know who else she could believe in.

Therefore she told him the story regarding Bai Liu Feng from the start to the end.

“….. so the story goes like this. My motive in coming to Celestial Light Academy is mainly to look for the remnants which my father had left behind for me but he actually told me the secret compartment is empty! I think the reason for the black robed man to pursue after me should be related to the item which my father left behind but I don’t know what actual motive he has.”

“So in this way, the item which your father left behind is highly possibly in his hands?”

“I also feel so. At the very least, it is connected to him.”

Huang Yueli finished her story but she realised that Li Moying still bore an icy cold expression on his face, frowning slightly.

She reached out between his eyebrows and gently massaged him saying, “Alright, you asked me to tell you and I’ve already done so. I only know about these and haven’t hidden anything else from you! Why are you still unhappy? Today’s pursue is something that I had not expected and I also didn’t want it to happen, alright? I almost died from his strike and instead of comforting me, you actually showed me this expression!”

Li Moying still bore that icy cold expression.

Huang Yueli pouted her lips and pushed him aside, “Alright, then continue to be angry, I’m going to bath!”

Saying that she wanted to get up.

But not waiting for her to sit upright, she had once again been pushed onto the bed.

Li Moying pressed against her and speaking in an unfriendly tone, “I ask you, why didn’t you tell me beforehand that you’re going to the fourth level of the Scripture Depository to look for clues? Don’t you know that as the Young Sect Master of Celestial Light Sect, entering the fourth level of the Scripture Depository is a breeze? If I had accompanied you, would this still have happened today?”

“Ughh…..” Huang Yueli was dumbfounded, “This…. I really hadn’t thought of this…”

Right, it could be done in this way?

Li Moying sneered, “Forget about it, it’s not that you hadn’t thought about it. You’re not willing to rely on me so you intentionally didn’t think in that way. You really don’t treat me as your fiancé right?”