Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 The Person You Like 3

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“I…. no, I…..”

Huang Yueli subconsciously wanted to rebuke him but when the words came to her mouth, she suddenly stopped.

How should she answer this question? Say she admit she and Li Moying were a couple? But things shouldn’t be this way…..

Li Moying was initially a little upset but on seeing her acting hesitantly, fire immediately flared up!

“What? Have I guessed correctly? You’ve never recognised me from the bottom of your heart? Have you never treated me as an insider? So you had never intended to seek help from me? Even though these matters to me is as easy as lifting a finger, but you never intended to open your mouth to me?”

The more Li Moying thought, the angrier he got. His expression grew gloomier each time he raised a question.

His voice wasn’t loud but from his stern tone and tightened expression, one could tell that this man was extremely angry.

Huang Yueli immediately shook her head, “Ughh, don’t be like this, I really didn’t do it intentionally! I really forgot about it! Why must you talk to me so fiercely…..”

Saying that, she blinked her watery large eyes and even pursed her lips, bearing an innocent look in an attempt to act adorable to get past this.

But was Li Moying an easy person to hoodwink?

His eyelids drooped and his deep black pupils swept past her exquisite and delicate face, continuing with his interrogation, “Don’t divert the topic, answer me! What on earth do you treat me as??”

Huang Yueli’s eyes met his and was shocked by his deep eyes as she anxiously swallowed her saliva.

“Mn, that… of course I treat you as an insider, how could I possibly treat you like an outsider? Absolutely not possible….!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Li Moying pinched her sharp jaw and held her in front of her face, repeating word by word, “You clearly know…. I’m not asking about this! Answer me!”

“An… answer…. What?” Huang Yueli was totally engulfed in his anger, totally immovable.

“What person do you treat me as? Do you like me or not? How much recognition do I have in your heart, that I’m your fiancé?”

Li Moying repeated his question once again as his tone was extremely stern.

Huang Yueli subconsciously avoided his gaze as her eyelashes kept fluttering and she bit her lips slightly, not speaking a single word.

Li Moying’s questions, she couldn’t answer any of it at all!

Or perhaps it was said that if she had to answer it, her answer might not necessarily make Li Moying satisfied…. Furthermore, she could not open her mouth to answer him…..

Li Moying stared at her, waiting all the while….

Actually he understood that silence itself was a type of answer. But he couldn’t believe it nor could he accept it so he kept waiting.

He rather hypnotised himself that Huang Yueli was testing me or she was shy and not willing to trust easily, so she used silence to represent her rejection!

Only, he waited for a long time and Huang Yueli still refused to say a single word. It was so long that his heart had bit by but became colder and colder…

Li Moying’s expression displayed disappointment as he felt defeated, incapable of continuing further!

He didn’t know why he had failed or why was it that no matter what he did, he was incapable of moving this young lass’s heart!

This is probably the first time his heart was touched and furthermore, the feeling was so strong that the minute he laid his eyes on Huang Yueli, his heart had been captured completely.

He had been serious and devoted, and at the same time….. very confident!

Because of his innate talent, looks and status, he had always been the target of those talented ladies and had never once thought that under the situation where he was the proactive one, there would be any possibility of failure!