Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 The Person You Like 4

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But the young lass in front of him had given him a beating on his head!

The first time he was rejected, Li Moying didn’t felt defeated. Although that was his first time wooing a lady, but although he had never eaten pork, he had also seen a pug run. So he completely understood that the both of them were not close enough so for this young lass to doubt his character and sincerity, to reject him…. was something normal!

But following that was the second rejection….

And after that was the third and fourth…..

Li Moying admitted that he had already displayed all his sincerity and even used his utmost effort on her but unfortunately he had been rejected again and again!

There were many times when he clearly felt that Li’er’s eyes seemed to show some feelings for him and didn’t reject his kisses or touches, so that would at least meant that she had already been touched right?

However, whenever he wanted to take another step further to ascertain their relationship, he had met with a cold bucket of water each and every time.

Towards a peerless talent like Li Moying, this was his biggest hurdle which he had met with in his entire lifetime!

He simply could not understand where did he go wrong? Why was it that Huang Yueli refused to be together with him?

Li Moying looked at Haung Yueli with a complicated expression and his right hand clenched tightly into a fist and later relaxed before he spat out a few words lightly, “….. Why?”

Huang Yueli had kept her head lowered apprehensively as she didn’t know why herself on why she was feeling so guilty. She and Li Moying…. she had long ago said that it was impossible between them, wasn’t it? She didn’t made any promises with Li Moying wasn’t that so?

But why was it that when this man interrogated her, she felt as though she had committed some serious matter against him and even…. betrayed him?

Hearing Li Moying’s questions, she blankly raised her head, “….. What?”

She had once thought of it before that Li Moying might possibly be angry. That strong and overbearing peerless genius had been rejected by her every single time so getting infuriated was absolutely normal! But she wasn’t afraid because she had a magical self confidence, as though she subconsciously knew that no matter how angry this man was, he would not hurt even a single strand of her hair…..

But she had not expected that instead of flying into a rage, he asked this question instead.

Li Moying took a deep breath and suppressing the answer in his heart, he tried to make himself seem slightly more peaceful.

“I asked… where on earth do you feel that I’m lacking in? Where am I not performing well enough? Why can’t you… why are you unable to accept me? Do you know… do you know….”

As Li Moying was saying that, he clenched hard on his teeth and felt a bloody taste from his gums flowing out, not saying a single word more.

Even though he didn’t finish his sentence, Huang Yueli knew what he wanted to say.

This man’s sincerity towards her, she had indeed felt it…..

Huang Yueli wasn’t really an ignorant young lady. On the contrary, she had been wooed by countless people in her previous life so she could tell clearly which man treated her with sincerity and which were more suitable for her.

Actually deep within her heart, she had long admitted that she had some feelings for Li Moying.

If it wasn’t for Mu Chengying, perhaps… she might had agreed long ago.

But under the heavens, there wasn’t any Ifs…..

She raised her eyes and saw the pained expression on Li Moying’s face as her heart started twitching in pain faintly too.

If it was possible, she didn’t want this to happen….. to make him so upset….

Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment and decided that she must make matters clear to him today.