Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 The Person You Like 5

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“Li Moying, listen to me…..” Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she said.

Some things, she felt that even if she said it out no one would believe her so she didn’t want to say it out easily but now, she felt that it was necessary to tell part of the truth, in order to cut off Li Moying’s feelings.

The more the two of them tangled together, the deeper they fell and if that carried on, it would end up in a severe consequence!

She hardened her heart, “Actually, it really isn’t because you’re no good, but…. but because I already have something who I like! Moreover, we’ve already discussed on our marriage! So I’m extremely sorry, I cannot accept you. Just treat it as… you’re too late…..”

Li Moying’s heart trembled as he suddenly recalled a memory of the past.

There was once when Huang Yueli was seriously injured and had gone into a concussion, her senses were unclear and she hugged him saying a lot of senseless words, and even started crying!

At that time she had indeed mistaken him as someone else, even saying things such as asking him not to leave, and even proactively nearing him to kiss him!

At that time, Li Moying felt that Huang Yueli should have someone whom she liked and was extremely jealous then, even thinking of giving up on her!

But after that he thought again and felt that things weren’t that simple. Huang Yueli had grew up in South Yue Kingdom since young and her growing up days weren’t complicated at all. Li Moying had sent someone back to South Yue Kingdom to do a background search on her and the conclusion was that Huang Yueli had never left South Yue Kingdom previously and this trip to Sky Cloud City was her first time travelling.

As for the news that she had a love history with someone else, there were no clues to it at all. Furthermore, she was so young and didn’t seem as though there was any possibility for her to settle down privately with anyone at all.

Li Moying didn’t understand why but one thing he was certain of was that there were no traces of any man appearing next to Huang Yueli at all.

Therefore he had been hypnotising himself, Perhaps it was all his own imagination that Huang Yueli liked someone else and the truth wasn’t that at all!

Even if there was, that would probably be in the past…..

But now, Huang Yueli;s words was like a resounding slap, smacking him right on his face!

So….. Li’er really had someone whom she liked! Furthermore she had really settled down a marriage agreement with that person!

How could such a thing happen? How could such a thing possibly happen?

Li Moying looked at Huang Yueli in disbelief, as he started shaking all over, “You…. how is that possible? You’re just fourteen…..”

“What’s wrong with being fourteen? I matured earlier, can’t I?”

When Li Moying heard that, he regained some energy as he seemed to see a glimmer of hope.

“You’re still so young, how could you possibly know who you like? You’re obviously not matured yet! How can you be so sure that the person you like is not me?”

Huang Yueli responded, “Because…. Because I just know it, I like him, and in my heart, he is the most powerful, most perfect man who treats me the best!”

To wait by her side for so many decades, not anyone could do that.

She and Mu Chengying were together for so many years. Although they had not gotten married, but recalling the past memories still had numerous sweet memories, which could not be forgotten…..

Li Moying’s heart grew cold.

Most powerful, most perfect, treated her the best…..

He tried his utmost best but was still unable to make Huang Yueli feel that he was that kind of man!

Alas, he really was too late! In Li’er’s heart, there was already a man of her choice….

Li Moying was unreconciled as he pursued for an answer, “Who is he? Who on earth is he? Since you describe him in such a manner, how could he leave you for so long, leaving you alone in South Yue Kingdom to face so many dangers?