Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 The Person You Like 6

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Huang Yueli blinked not knowing how to answer, so she could only reply, “You don’t know…..”

Li Moying suddenly got agitated, “I don’t know? I think the person who doesn’t know if you! If the person you described also liked you, then would he leave you alone to let those people in the Bai family to bully you? Wouldn’t he want to see you every day, but for such a long period of time, he had never once showed up? It’s just wishful thinking on your own part!”

“No it’s not like that!” Huang Yueli immediately denied loudly, “You don’t understand, we have our own difficulties!”

“Difficulties?” Li Moying sneered, as he felt extremely unresigned in his heart!

“I only know that no matter what difficulties I have, I will never leave you alone to face all those troubles, not willing to let you suffer even a little pain, and it’s definitely not possible for me to not show any interest in you! Such a man is not worth your love, why can’t you give me a chance?”

Li Moying was both angry and anxious as he punched the wall giving off a loud “Bam” sound!

Huang Yueli tugged at his hand with her heart pained, “You….. don’t act like this! You will get hurt!”

“You still care if I get hurt or not?” Li Moying took the opportunity to hold her wrist, pressing it down on the pillow, “Since you don’t feel anything for me, why do you bother if I’m injured or not? You have no feelings for me isn’t it? No matter who that man is, give up on him. I guarantee that I will treat you better than him by one thousand times, ten thousand times!”

He said anxiously as his eyes turned slightly red.

Huang Yueli grew gloomy again and after some time, she spoke, “Don’t be like this. What I’m saying is not fake, the person I like… he’s a true peerless ninth stage realm top exponent, there is no stronger existence in this entire Soaring Heavens Continent!”

Li Moying was dumbstruck, “….. What?”

Huang Yueli avoided his gaze as she lowered her voice and continued, “Although he’s not by my side now, but…. I know he had his own reasons…. Furthermore, I…..”

Huang Yueli bit her lip and her expression was struggled as she clenched her teeth and spoke again, “Furthermore, I like him because he’s powerful enough, he’s able to protect me and I can make others envy me! Do you understand? You cannot be compared to a peerless ninth stage realm top exponent like him, so my heart will not change so just give up on me!”

“You… what do you mean?”

Li Moying’s eyes grew wide with a completely defeated look, his face became deathly pale!

Huang Yueli’s heart ached faintly when she saw him.

She knew clearly that a super genius like Li Moying probably had not been despised by anything in his entire lifetime before! With such innate talent and ability, but he was rejected with the reason that his ability could not match up, probably his pride took a serious hit and maybe he might feel that she was a materialistic and shameless woman…..

But she could not not put it in that way….

Li Moying’s expression was both green and white, apparently his heart was feeling terrible to the max.

The hand which was grabbing onto Huang Yueli’s wrist subconsciously increased in its strength, almost to the point of breaking her wrist!

“You… why must you act in this way? Don’t you understand? With my innate talent, reaching ninth stage realm is just a matter of time. Within five years, I will be able to become a first rated top exponent in Soaring Heavens Continent and I will let you become the woman whom everyone in the entire Continent envies! You just need to give me some time, I can give you anything!”

His words were put in such a sincere way which made Huang Yueli’s heart ache even further.