Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 The Person You Like 8

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Even though he knew that her heart belonged to someone else, but just looking at her still made him heart tingled.

This kind of feeling was an instinct, as though it had been engraved into the depths of his soul, unable to dispel or forgotten.

This really was his inexorable doom in his life…..

Li Moying didn’t know what else to say and didn’t know what else he could do. He couldn’t bear to hurt her but he wasn’t able to see her throwing herself into another man’s embrace…..

His brows knitted tightly together as he used his strength and pushed himself up.

The pressure was suddenly lessened and Huang Yueli hurriedly opened her eyes, but could only see the departing figure of Li Moying walked away in big strides.

Such an overbearing and arrogant man, when he walked out, his footsteps were even slightly unstable…..

Huang Yueli’s melancholic feelings dropped to a new low as she bit her lips and mumbled to herself, “Have I done something wrong? Should I have not given him such a blow like that? But… but it’s all for his own good….. I cannot allow him to fall in the middle of his path because of me…..”

The words she had said were all harsh and the only motive was to make Li Moying completely disappointed with her, to keep a distance from her.

Because no one knew clearer than her that Mu Chengying’s character was so alike to Li Moying, with such overbearing and arrogance. Furthermore as Mu Chengying’s ability helmed the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, he was already in the top seat for such a long time, as compared to Li Moying who was still growing, they were simply incomparable!

How could Mu Chengying possibly accepted that the woman he liked being tangled with another man?

Someday, Huang Yueli would have to return to Mu Chengying and if Li Moying had not given up yet, and was still staying by her side, then the consequence… would only result in Mu Chengying making a move against him…..

Moreover, Mu Chengying had always been merciless against his love rivals. As long as those unrestrained bees and butterflies around Huang Yueli that year had hindered his eyes, they would end up either dead or seriously injured.

Li Moying was still very young and had a bright future in front of him. With his unsurpassed talent, if he were to fall in the middle, Huang Yueli really couldn’t bear for it to happen.

Even though they could not be lovers, the both of them should still be considered as friends and she cannot harm him in that way!

Now that things had come to pass, this should be the best ending.

At least, she didn’t need to be put in a difficult position and Li Moying wouldn’t be burdened by her…..


Huang Yueli thought that she could remain indifferent about this matter.

She was the one who had been through great winds and high waves and there were so many times when her life was at stake in her previous life, and none of it raised any waves in her heart.

Moreover, wasn’t it just rejecting a man who was wooing her? She had done that several hundred times before!

But, that night, she lost sleep.

The bed was short of another person and it instantly seemed as though it had turned chilly as the room was exceptional quiet, so quiet that it made one feel restless.

In actual fact, when Li Moying laid on the same bed next to her, both of them seldom talked and most of the time, Li Moying abided by the rules.

The two of them laid on their own sides and only a stable and faint breathing sound could be heard in the middle of the night.

But no matter how small this teeny sound was, Huang Yueli still felt that it was too quiet…..

All the way till dawn, she finally felt some sleepiness.

In a half conscious state, she seemed to have returned to her past life, Mu Chengying’s handsome and aloof face seemed to appear before her eyes.

He put on a dark gold coloured robe, standing under a cherry blossom tree. His perfectly streaked side view was as though it had been sculpted, his thin lips slightly pursed as his gaze was stern and deep.

Even though he didn’t intentionally unleash his might, but as long as he stood there, the area would naturally be filled with an overbearing presence.