Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 : The Unfulfilled Promise 1

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

That scene was just too familiar and too realistic, like in the past…..

In the past, Mythical Flame Palace which Huang Yueli was at, the cherry blossom trees on the most northern area bloomed during every Spring and was filled with fragrance, beautiful beyond words.

In countless of her memories, Mu Chengying arranged to meet her there.

When she reached there, she would always see Mu Chengying’s aloof and prestigious figure, waiting patiently for her there.

When Mu Chengying heard her footsteps, he slowly turned around and that pair of charming and alluring cherry blossomed eyes turned shiny as his gaze congealed on her.

Huang Yueli felt dazed, that pair of eyes…. Was still so enchanting and bewitching, which made her think of someone else…..

When Mu Chengying saw her, his gaze instantly softened and the sternness beneath his eyes immediately disappeared.


A familiar voice rang by the side of her ear and Huang Yueli simply wanted to cry. She wanted to shout out loudly but her throat seemed to be choked. No matter how hard she tried, she wasn’t able to make a single sound…..

“Mu Chengying, why have you come?” She heard her own voice, in an indifferent tone.

Mu Chengying seemed slightly disappointed as he said, “I’m here to see you, can you show me a more surprised look?”

Huang Yueli looked rather impatient as she continued, “How do you want me to appear surprised? Don’t you know that the reason why I’m here is because of the restoration of the Sky Phoenix Ring and I have been in closed door seclusion to refine the armaments? It’s because you’re here which is why I came to meet you. If it’s anyone else, I won’t even bother to come out of my closed door seclusion!”

When Mu Chengying heard what she said, he smiled and said, “Alright, alright, I said the wrong things. It’s my top honour for Li’er to be willing to meet me. Come, take a seat over here. You haven’t been resting and eating properly because of armament refining right? Look, your dark eye rings have appeared.”

“So what about that, armament refining is the most important matter. What matter do you have, quickly spill it out! The fire in my armament furnace has not been extinguished yet!”

Although Huang Yueli seemed impatient in her words, but when Mu Chengying stretched out his hand and held her wrists, not only did she not reject him, she even allowed him to lead her to sit by his side.

Mu Chengying said, “Alright, be obedient, I have an important matter to tell you.”

“What?” Huang Yueli’s eyes suddenly grew wide.

Mu Chengying suddenly paused before continuing, “You should know that my cultivation had been stuck at the peak of ninth stage realm for several years now and although my Profound Energy had always been rising these past few years, but I’m unable to breakthrough….”

Huang Yueli said, “There’s a legend that above the ninth stage realm peak is the tenth stage God Realm but due the change that happened seventy thousand years ago, there is no way to ascend to the God Realm…. You’re the only top practitioner in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent in the past seventy thousand years with the highest innate talent, so the possibility for you to become a tenth stage realm practitioner is the highest…..”

Mu Chengying nodded and continued, “In fact recently, I could feel that my own Profound Energy seemed to be breaking through the last bottleneck and perhaps, I might be able to take this last step very soon…..”

“What? Really?” Huang Yueli’s face revealed a surprised expression, “That’s great! If you really are able to do it, then it would mean that tenth stage realm is not just a legend and it’s possible to reach it!”

“Really? You feel very happy over this?” Mu Chengying inquired.

“Naturally, we’ve been best friends for the longest time! For this advancement, you’d been diving into your cultivation for so many years and you’ve finally arrived at this step, so how could I possibly not feel happy for you?” Huang Yueli replied in a matter-of-fact manner.