Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 The Unfulfilled Promise 2

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Looking at Huang Yueli’s peerlessly beautiful face, the sweet smile that hung on her face, Mu Chengying almost went into a daze from being enchanted but immediately recalling his senses, his expression became complicated.

“But do you know that once I breakthrough to the tenth stage realm, there is a possibility that…..”

“Possibility that what?” Huang Yueli blinked her large innocent eyes as she gazed into his eyes.

Mu Chengying wanted to say something but stopped. Several times when the words came to his lips, but he wasn’t able to say anything out.

“Nothing, right, my purpose in this trip is to tell you that I plan to go into closed door cultivation three days later and I’m afraid that it would be a long time before I can see you again….” He chose to switch topics.

“An? Really?” Huang Yueli went into a momentarily blank as she didn’t realise the obvious disappointment on her face.

From her expression, Mu Chengying was secretly feeling happy inside and he spoke again, “When I’m not around, you must take good care of yourself. Don’t forget to eat or sleep just for the sake of refining armaments and don’t get into a tussle with anyone accidentally. The most important thing is…. You’re not allowed to get close to any other man, do you understand?”

As Haung Yueli listened on, her rage immediately flared up.

“Hey, what do you mean? Aren’t you spreading your concern a little too wide? You’re not even my father! And not my Master!”

“But I’m your man…” Mu Chengying chortled as he came closer to her.

With each step he advanced, Huang Yueli took a step backward.

Suddenly Huang Yueli felt her feet stopping. There was no more route to back off as her back closed in against a cherry blossom tree.

“You… what are you doing? And…. who… who is my man? Stop plastering gold on your own face alright?”

Mu Chengying gave a light laugh as he lowered his head and leaned towards her. That cold as ice, good looking face revealed a charming and bewitching smile, the killing power was tremendous.

Huang Yueli’s heart pounded wildly, as she subconsciously shut her eyes, silently waiting.

For a moment, she thought Mu Chengying would kill her. However, she felt a tingling sensation on her forehead and subsequently that man retreated.

Huang Yueli vacantly opened her eyes and saw Mu Chengying holding on to a flower petal in his fingers.

She instantly was struck dumb, ah, he was only trying to get rid of the petal that had fallen onto her forehead….. and she had thought that…..

“Tsk tsk, little fox, why do you look so dejected, could it be that you wished for me to kiss you? Say so earlier, I am extremely willing…..”

“…. Since when? You saw wrongly, saw wrongly! Why are you inching in, get lost!”

Huang Yueli pamperedly denied but Mu Chengying overbearingly held on to her lower jaw as he lowered his head and kissed her.

By the time the both of them separated, Huang Yueli’s face had turned into a shade of red, panting heavily.

Mu Chengying saw her expression and almost couldn’t keep it in. Their foreheads touched each other’s and he said in a low voice, “Little fox, after I complete my closed door seclusion let’s get married!”

“Who… who wants to marry you? You’re thinking too much!” Huang Yueli bit her lips as she retorted with a blushing red face.

“It’s been so many years, you should account for me right?”

“Account for what? You’re a man!”

“So what if I’m a man? Does that mean you can take advantage of me and not be responsible for it?”

Huang Yueli was so angry that she wanted to bite him!

What was called taking advantage of him and eating his tofu? Who on earth was taking advantage of who?

He simply turned white into black, shameless!

Mu Chengying pinched her fuming face, “Alright, stop being so pampered.”