Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 The Unfulfilled Promise 3

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“Who… who’s acting pampered? I really don’t want to marry… mmff—!!!”

Her lips were sealed once again.

After some time, Mu Chengying finally let her go and while she was gasping for air, he declared in a low voice, “I know you like me too and I won’t give you a chance to reject me. So just wait obediently and be my bride! Wait for me, hmm?”

Being gazed at in deep concentration by that pair of alluring and bewitching peach blossom eyes, Huang Yueli felt that her brain had turned into glue, as she absurdly nodded her head.

Mu Chengying got so excited that he hugged her and carried her up, throwing her high up into the air.

“Hey, rouge, let me down!”

“Not letting go!”

Huang Yueli was speechless, did he needed to act like this? Wasn’t he the callous and dignified number one top expert? Why had he became so childish to this degree? She started to regret, she shouldn’t had nodded earlier…..

However, it was all too late. Would Mu Chengying gave her the chance to regret?

The two tangled together for a while more before Mu Chengying left the Mythical Flame Palace.

Huang Yueli’s face flushed a deep shade of red, touching her lips which were kissed swollen by him, as she wasn’t able to express the feeling in her heart.

She had originally thought that she devoted her lifetime to pursuing the way of cultivation and the peak of armament refining and would never be tied down by maternal affairs. So naturally marrying this kind of thing never came across her mind at all. But now, from how excited Mu Chengying behaved, she also felt that she was brimming with longing…..

Being together with him, should be much better than being alone by herself right…..


Huang Yueli abruptly awoke from her dreams in shock and it was until she saw the colour of the sky before she discovered that it was already bright and sunny outside.

The position beside her was still empty.

Huang Yueli sat up, feeling that something was amiss. Touching her face, she felt some wet patches and realized that she had been tearing up in her dream.

That was something that had happened so long ago but in the dream, it seemed like it only happened yesterday….

Thinking of the countless times when Mu Chengying proposed to her in the past, but was rejected every single time by her. It was until the very last time that she reluctantly agreed, with a tinge of unwillingness in her heart. In the end, after that last meeting, the two of them were separated by heaven and earth forever…

Then, it was until Mu Chengying had departed when she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to tell him that she was planning to go to the Northern Fields to search for the material to restore the Sky Phoenix Ring.

But Huang Yueli didn’t really put too much thought into this. Because she wasn’t there to create trouble and her whereabouts were well hidden, so she wasn’t too worried that she’d meet with any trouble.

A high levelled Armament Master like her, if she didn’t go looking for trouble, most people would not go and provoke her. Moreover she had the backing of Mu Chengying, the ultimate Demon King behind her?

Whoever knew that she still over-estimated human character.

Her whereabouts were sold out by Ling Qing Yu, and several Soaring Heavens Continent’s Hidden Sacred Grounds actually jointly set a trap for her, just for a God Relic, ending her life in the Northern Ice Fields…..

That also popped she and Mu Chengying’s illusory bubble of their marriage arrangement…..

“Bam bam bam! Bam bam bam!”

While Huang Yueli was still in the midst of reminiscing in her past, she suddenly heard loud banging from her door.

Furthermore, the person knocking sounded extremely urgent, knocking with a huge force, totally without any sense of propriety as expected from a guest.

Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly as she speedily wiped the tears from her face and walked to the door as she opened it.

She thought that the person would be Su Qingyue or maybe the people around Li Moying but in the end, the one standing at the door was a young lady whom she had never seen before.

That person looked around eighteen to nineteen, her beauty was exceptional, with a tall figure. On first impression, she was a beauty that was hard to come by.