Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Whos The Shameless One? 3

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“My apologies, Miss Murong. I’d also like to leave Li Moying further away but unfortunately he’s the one who’s sticking to me. I wanted to maintain a distance with him but he refused! Furthermore he had to go around saying he’s my fiancé and until now the entire academy’s students think in that way so no matter how much I explained, I am unable to clear this up.”

“Impossible! You’re lying!” Murong Fei’s eyes widened in disbelief and shaking her head, “This is impossible, stop talking blindly! Eldest Senior Brother had always treated women with indifference so how could he possibly stick around you? Who do you think you are? There are so many young Missy and peerless talents and Eldest Senior Brother didn’t even take a look at them! If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re so shameless, using those lowly alluring methods, how could Eldest Senor Brother possibly be together with you?”

“Unfortunately, the truth is indeed like this. In fact, I didn’t want to be together with Li Moying but he insisted on coming over, what can I do? Since you like him, then go look for him and don’t let him come stick to me. If he really takes a liking to you and want to be together with you, I promise that I won’t come in between the both of you!”

Although her words were put in that way, but when Huang Yueli imagined the scene where Li Moying and Murong Fei together, she suddenly felt a little mind-blocked…..

But she didn’t think this was out of jealousy, but because….

No matter what Li Moying was still her friend right. If he were to find a wife with such a vile character, then that would be the worse luck that he had ran into for his past eight lifetimes so she couldn’t bear to see that happening!

“Stop talking rubbish, how could that be possible? Eldest Senior Brother’s character is cold and aloof, and he spends his time on cultivation, not wanting to dabble in love affairs. He didn’t like anyone at all and it’s impossible that he will like you…..” Murong Fei used all her might to shake her head.

Actually, before she came to look for Huang Yueli, she had already heard from many others and knew that what Huang Yueli said wasn’t false at all.

All the students said Li Moying and Huang Yueli were so loving and Li Moying treated Huang Yueli so well, so this matter was the truth!

But she’s unable to accept that Li Moying treated Huang Yueli differently.

Originally, Li Moying didn’t bothered himself with any woman so her heart was able to balance itself. At least everyone were in the same scenario and for them to be childhood sweethearts, that was her greatest chance!

But with the appearance of someone who Li Moying truly liked… she was nothing at all.

Murong Fei clenched her teeth as she said, “You foxy slut, what shameless tricks did you use to seduce Eldest Senior Brother? Is it because ‘those skills’ of yours are exceptionally good and Eldest Senior Brother had no prior experience so he was bewitched by you?”

“Enough!” Huang Yueli couldn’t force herself to continue listening, “As a Sect Master’s Young Miss, your words are simply appalling! If you have the ability, go look for Li Moying himself and see if you can say such words in front of him! I’m very busy and have no time to continue this with you. I don’t welcome you here so please get lost from my place!”

“You… you dare to ask me to get lost? I’m asking you for the last time, are you going to leave Celestial Light Academy or not?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Impossible! Whether I’m in Celestial Light Academy for Li Moying or not, it is of no concern to you!”

She hadn’t investigated Bai Liu Feng’s matter properly so how could she possibly leave so easily?

“You dare to disobey me? Did you think that Eldest Senior Brother would always follow you and protect you? Simply looking for death! I’m telling you, for me to crush you is the same as crushing an ant that easy!”

Murong Fei’s fury in her heart had raised to the max, and she couldn’t tolerate it any further as she pushed out a strike and struck out towards Huang Yueli’s chest!