Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Whos The Shameless One? 4

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Huang Yueli had long took guard against her and when she saw her making a move, she instantly retreated backwards with a flash!

At the same time, the bright fire ray lit up the entire room and charged towards Murong Fei’s direction in an earth-shattering momentum!

Two Profound Energy fiercely clashed against each other in the air.

Both opponents gave a surprised look.

Huang Yueli knew that this Eldest Young Miss Murong had a high innate talent and had expected that her potential wasn’t ordinary but she had not expected Murong Fei to be a sixth stage realm practitioner! Moreover, her Profound Energy was pure, as compared to normal sixth stage realm practitioners, her potential was much, much higher!

Thinking that Luo Jiyun was also a Celestial Light Sect disciple, and he was also an eighth grade talent but his cultivation versus hers differed by a whole large realm!

From this one could tell Murong Fei could be so arrogant and proud because that was her capital!

As compared to Huang Yueli, Murong Fei was even more shocked and surprised!

According to her investigation, Huang Yueli was merely a third stage realm peak practitioner. No matter how much innate talent she had, surely in front of a sixth stage realm practitioner, she was as weak as an ant and she should not be able to accept the full blow of it at all?

But the truth had exceeded her imagination.

The instant that Huang Yueli struck, Murong Fei felt that something was amiss and following that, a strong surge of fire attributed Profound Energy came shooting towards her, even making her feel an intense coercion!

After the two Profound Energies interacted, a loud explosion was heard and blinding ray shot outwards.

Murong Fei felt a turmoil on her chest and she took some time to suppress that disgusting feeling.

She raised her head and took a look at Huang Yueli. Her face was pale but she was still standing there properly. This was totally out of Murong Fei’s imagination as she had expected her to throw up blood and be seriously injured!

“You… how could this be possible? What stage cultivation are you at??” Murong Fei blurted!

Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a faint smile, “What stage cultivation am I… everyone in the entire Celestial Light Academy knows about this. Haven’t Miss Murong found out about this before you came over? It’s Miss Murong you…. aren’t you rumoured to be an eighth grade talent and a peerless genius? This potential… really is out of my expectations…..”

Actually, she wasn’t feeling very good right now.

An outstanding sixth stage realm practitioner’s attack, like Miss Murong, simply was not something which she could take now.

It was all thanks to the entire set of fifth tier Defensive Profound Armour, adding on to her exclusive Profound Skills that she could barely take it on.

But in actual face, she had already suffered a severe internal injury but because her tolerance was slightly better so no one could tell the problems that she had from the exterior.

But Murong Fei didn’t knew the truth and when she saw this, she was horrified!

“Not possible… Celestial Light Academy’s students all said you are at the third stage realm ninth level! No matter how much innate talent you have, or how strong your battle power is, third stage realm is still third stage realm, how could you possible take on my strike like that?”

Huang Yueli lazily replied, “That naturally is because Miss Murong your skills are not perfected well enough….. don’t keep thinking of twisting and turning around a man’s backside and better spend the time on cultivating! Goodbye!”

Murong Fei’s face turned green to purple, not to mention how ugly her expression had turned into!

She had always been reigning the name of a peerless genius and felt that in the entire South Sky Region, other than Li Moying, there was no other heaven defying existence around so everyone else could not matched up to her! Whoever knew that today, her strike was blocked by a fourteen year old lass!

Could it be that this wretched slut’s innate talent was much more outstanding than hers?