Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 Whos The Shameless One? 6

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“You… cough cough… what on earth did you…. do?”

Murong Fei heard footsteps and when she raised her head, her eyes were filled with horror!

Even in her dreams, she had not imagined that her full strength had not only not done anything to this third stage realm lass, but instead brought self-immolation to herself causing her to be in the current half dead state.

Huang Yueli calmly smiled, “Miss Murong certainly has a bad memory. Earlier I’d already reminded you to never make a move against an Armament Master on their turf, have you forgotten about this already?”

Murong Fei suddenly recalled what she said earlier but the astonishment beneath her eyes did not decrease, it increased revealing an expression which seemed like she had seen a ghost.

“Impossible… this is just impossible! For a mechanism to be able to deflect a sixth stage realm practitioner’s attack, you will need to be at least a sixth tier Armament Master before you can do it, but you’re merely a newcomer who had obtained the first tier Armament Master certification… you absolutely cannot do that!” Murong Fei’s eyes grew wide as she mumbled to herself.

Huang Yueli shrugged, “Up to your own imagination. Anyway the truth is right in front of you and if you insist on not believing, there’s nothing I can do!”

Murong Fei seemed to be bewitched as she continued with her own crazy talk, “No… impossible…. impossible….. cough cough…. If you really are able to deflect my attack, why didn’t you do it right from the start. You didn’t activate the mechanism but took the risk to be injured by me, taking my strike?”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she looked downwards on the pale faced Murong Fei who had fallen onto the ground.

“The reason is very simple, because your first strike’s Profound Energy was just too little, probably not even thirty percent of your real ability. Even if I deflected your attack, it would probably not be able to injure you. The mechanism that I activated is not able to do anything to you, yet it will alarm you. Then I might as well wait for you to become angrier and become more vicious in your strikes before giving you a death blow… how about that? The feeling of being injured by your own Profound Energy, isn’t that very special?”

The raging blood that was finally suppressed by Murong Fei had instantly gone to waste after she heard what Huang Yueli said and instantly spat out a big mouthful of blood.

“You…. you…. cough cough…..”

She kept coughing and felt the pain in her chest seemed to be exploding, as her brain was buzzing.

She obviously had fallen into Huang Yueli’s trap and tricked by her!

So when she was immensely pleased with herself, the opponent had intentionally made her angry, just to lure her to unleash her full power!

She thought Huang Yueli would be scared stiff from her full power but in the end, she was being despised that her move earlier was too gentle and tried ways and means to make her increase her strike!

And just as she thought that she was able to remove her love rival with her killer move, she had actually inflicted such a heavy injury upon herself…..

There was nothing which could make anyone grieve more than this!

Murong Fei was too well-protected in the Sect and she had never been schemed against like this before so she wasn’t able to take it too well as her eyes rolled backwards and fainted.

Huang Yueli gave a cold humpf and ignoring her, she closed her door as she returned to her room.

The minute she sat down on her bed, and posed a cultivation posture and amidst the movement of her Profound Energy, she spat out a mouthful of blood!

Actually when she went against Murong Fei earlier, she had sustained an injury which wasn’t light but she merely had just not expressed it out.

Now that Murong Fei had been settled, she finally had the chance to cure her own internal injury.

However just as she was coughing out blood, an anxious man’s voice was heard from the door.

“….. You’re injured??”