Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050

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This voice sounded extremely familiar and when Huang Yueli turned her head back, she gave an astonished expression.

“Divine Doctor Liu…. How come you’re here?”

A good looking man standing by the door with a sunken expression, was Liu Buyan who had been missing for several months!

Liu Buyan pushed opened the door as he strode in. He was dressed in white and against the sunlight, he struck a graceful and elegant poise, with an unusual presence.

He walked in front of Huang Yueli and without a single word, he pulled her left hand and his slender long fingers was placed on her wrist as he shut his eyes and felt her pulse.

After a while, he released her hand.

“Your internal injury is caused by a high levelled practitioner’s Profound Energy but luckily it’s not too serious and your arteries are not damaged. Take this pill and rest for the next couple of days. Do not make a move against anyone casually…..”

As Liu Buyan was saying, he took a porcelain bottle out and removed a pill, passing it to Huang Yueli.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t take it.

Liu Buyan frowned as he urged, “Quickly eat! Why are you in a daze? Don’t you know that…. if your internal injury is not cured in time, it will become more serious? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of bitterness!”

Huang Yueli was in fact stunned because she had never expected that at this kind of place and time, she was able to see Liu Buyan appear!

The young lady’s dainty face was filled with astonishment as her beautiful big eyes opened wide, her long lashes kept fluttering, looking extremely innocent and extremely attractive.

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but laughed, “What’s the matter? Are you so surprised from seeing me?”

Huang Yueli then recalled her senses as she asked puzzledly, “Divine Doctor Liu, it’s really you! Why did you appear here?”

Liu Buyan replied, “Take the medication first and I’ll let you know later.”

Huang Yueli received the pill but didn’t swallow it immediately. Instead she turned her head to look at him and asked, “This medication…. Surely it’s not poisonous right?”

Liu Buyan’s mouth twitched as he was speechless, “If you suspect it contains poison then don’t eat it! What’s the matter with you? The pills that I refine personally can easily be sold for ten thousand upper grade spirit stones per pill. Now that I’m giving it to you, you’re worried that it’s poisonous?”

Huang Yueli chuckled, “I’m just asking, just asking only…..” Saying that she raised her head and swallowed the pill.

After eating the medication, she looked at Liu Buyan once again.

“Divine Doctor Liu, when I left your courtyard the other time, I went back to look for you the next day but you’ve already gone out on a trip. I’d not expected that you actually came over to Celestial Light Academy! Right, why are you here for? And how did you know I’m staying here?”

Liu Buyan looked at her, her gaze became deep and gradually said, “I happened to pass by Sky Cloud City and previously I heard you mentioned that you want to enrol for Celestial Light Academy in Sky Cloud City, so….. I just passed by to take a look at you!” Saying that, he felt rather uneasy and added, “That time you’ve been poisoned by the Seven character soul extinguishment skill and was in a hurry to leave. I’m worried that the poison in your body had not been purged properly so since it’s along the way, I dropped by to check on your situation.”

“Ah! Really? I’d not expected that you have medical ethics, I really can’t tell at all…..” Huang Yueli laughed dryly.

This reason was too far-fetched, and it wasn’t the first day Huang Yueli got acquainted with him, would she not know what medical ethics this Number one Divine Doctor in the continent had?

He normally depended on his feelings to see patients and most had to pay him following by begging before he agreed to do a consultation.

Would he specially come round to do a follow-up for her? How could such a good thing possibly happen?