Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 How Come Youre Here? 3

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Huang Yueli apparently didn’t expect this fellow to be so shameless as her expression turned green at this instance.

“You forced it upon others and still have the cheek to ask others for remuneration? Do you need to be this shameless?”

“I only know that paying back your debt is entirely justified…..” Liu Buyan replied lazily.

Huang Yueli couldn’t do anything to him and could only say, “Then what do you want? I told you this before, I’m impoverished and there’s nothing that you’ve taken an interest in, unless you want me to play the zither for you again?”

“That would be unnecessary…”

Liu Buyan paused for a short period of time and he took a glance around the room as her vision fell onto the coffee table.

There were three small exquisite porcelain plates on the coffee table and contained on those plates were osmanthus cakes, red bean cakes and coconut cakes. Although the colours were different, but each of them were exceptionally elaborate and the colours were sparkling and translucent, like a crystal.

Suddenly his heart thumped.

Liu Buyan asked, “These are all made by you?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right!”

His lips curled up, “I can’t tell that a little lass like you actually has some culinary skills. These cakes are done so beautifully, so you should know how to cook as well right? Then cook a meal for me personally. If you satisfy my palate, then I’ll treat it as payment for that Unfettering Spirit Pill!”

Huang Yueli unwillingly replied, “On what basis? Fat hope! Not any ordinary person can taste this Miss’ cooking!”

Liu Buyan’s expression turned stiff as he obviously didn’t expect himself to be rejected.

“Hey little lass, what do you mean? Am I Liu Buyan any ordinary person? Ah? Moreover, one meal of yours can repay for hundred thousand upper grade spirit stones. Where on earth would you find such a good deal? You’ve already gained a huge advantage alright? Still not willing to??”

Huang Yueli tee-heed in her heart when she heard what he said.

Although Divine Doctor Liu’s pills were indeed worth a lot, but for her Huang Yueli to personally cook up a meal, not many people had the honour to taste her cooking. In her previous life, except for Mu Chengying, the other person would be her Master.

Liu Buyan wanted to freeload on a meal before but in the end, he was blocked at the entrance by that overly possessive Mu Chengying, which made him extremely infuriated that he pointed out against Mu Chengying and claimed that he “valued his lover over his friend”…

Huang Yueli immersed herself into her memories and went into a trance.

Liu Buyan couldn’t believe that a living handsome male standing in front of her not only didn’t made her infatuated, she actually went into a trance! This totally showed that she treated him as nothing!

He was utterly discomfited as he drew out a porcelain pill bottle from his realm ring and slammed it onto the table.

“Really haven’t seen a petty woman like you! Not even willing to treat me to a meal! How about this, you treat me to a meal and this entire bottle of Unfettering Spirit Pill is yours to keep!”

“What’s wrong with you? Am I someone who can be bribed using money…..”

Midway, Huang Yueli suddenly thought of something and stopped.

“How about it? After careful consideration, have you suddenly realised that this bottle of pills is really worth a lot of money and it’s a pretty good deal? Isn’t it a waste to reject it? Then why aren’t you going to cook right now? And serve this Young Master some food?”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she held back her temptation to slap this fellow to death, “Me treating you to a meal…. Isn’t impossible, but I don’t want pills. I have another condition!”

“What condition?”

“I have a friend who contracted a strange kind of disease. From young he had seen countless divine doctors but had not been able to cure it. Recently there have been signs that his illness is worsening so I would like to ask you to take a look for him…. even if you can’t cure him, that’s alright.”