Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 Rainbow Crystal Cake 1

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Huang Yueli originally didn’t wanted to treat Liu Buyan to a meal because she knew that he and Mu Chengying had fallen out with each other.

So naturally she needed to stand on the same side with Mu Chengying. At least her relationship with Liu Buyan cannot be too good right? So she had thought of ways to drive him away earlier!

But seeing Liu Buyan slammed out an entire bottle of pills generously, she changed her mind.

Because she suddenly thought of Li Moying!

Li Moying’s Soul detachment illness had been incurable for so many years. Furthermore, the last time, because of the fact that she was almost killed by someone, Li Moying’s state of mind had been in a mess and actually suddenly acted up even though it wasn’t a full moon’s night!

According to Mo Yi’s thinking, this situation meant that Li Moying’s condition was worsening by the minute.

At that time, Huang Yueli had already wanted to find Liu Buyan to help Li Moying take a look but unfortunately, when she visited Liu Buyan’s courtyard, it was in vain as he had already left on a trip!

Now since this fellow automatically appeared at her doorstep, then if she didn’t made full use of him, wouldn’t she lose out big time?

Liu Buyan’s brows rose upwards, “Tsk tsk, you little lass, you’re really so smart. You intend to use me so thoroughly! Aren’t you weaving a beautiful dream? I, Liu Buyan’s consultation charges are so high, did you think that a few dishes could bribe me?”

Huang Yueli’s expression sunk, “Alright then, since you’re not willing to accede to my condition, then there’s no need for me to treat you to a meal, so you can leave now!”

“Hey, do you need to be so realistic and so practical? Not going to treat me to a meal just because I refused to give a consultation?”

“That’s right!” Huang Yueli’s chin rose upwards, “I’m that practical!”

Liu Buyan flicked his sleeves as his good looking face displayed an unhappy expression, “Taking a mile after giving you an inch! Don’t feel like treating then forget it, think I really need this meal of yours?”

Saying that he stood up and strode towards the entrance.

He originally thought that once he stood up, Huang Yueli would regret what she said and pounced over to beg him not to leave, expressing that she would obediently make a meal for him, until he’s satisfied!

Because those large Sect’s talented young ladies were all like that. He was used to these kind of ‘loosening the reins to grasp him better’ trick and every single time he really wanted to leave, these ladies would become anxious and immediately become docile, not daring to be pretentious any further.

He thought Huang Yueli would be the same, after all her background wasn’t comparable to those Sect’s Young Missus!

The result was, he had already taken several steps and Huang Yueli didn’t even make a single sound to stop him.

Liu Buyan’s lips twitched as his footsteps became slower and slower, slower and slower….

But until the moment he reached the door, still no one called out to him.

“Hey, I say, Bai Ruoli, I’m really going to leave!” Liu Buyan couldn’t take it anymore as he turned back and said.

Huang Yueli waved her hand and replied in a lazy tone, “Mn, bon voyage, good bye!”

“You…..” Liu Buyan almost missed his breathe, “I said… I’m leaving, and really not going to help your friend do the consultation!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone, “Oh? From your words, you’ve thought it through and you’re willing to stay here and do the consultation for him?”

Liu Buyan’s words were stuffed back into his mouth and almost didn’t know how to reply to her.

If his reply was “Yes” then it was equivalent to agreeing to Huang Yueli’s condition. If his answer was “No” then why did he especially stop to say this? Didn’t it make him seem like an idiot?

Huang Yueli found it hilarious to look at Liu Buyan’s distorted expression.