Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Rainbow Crystal Cake 2

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After quite a while, Liu Buyan finally found a way to get out of this embarrassing situation, “My meaning is… if your food is really good then it’s not something that I cannot consider about…..”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she replied, “What’s there to consider? I think you just want to swindle a meal! So is your answer a yes or a no? I will not accept such an ambiguous answer, !”

Liu Buyan was so anxious that he almost stomped his feet!

Damn it, did this wretched lass needed to be so moronic, or was it done intentionally?

He already said he’d consider so wasn’t it equivalent to agreeing to it? Earlier he had just rejected her so how could he possibly changed his mind immediately, won’t it be a huge loss of face? He was Soaring Heaven Continent’s Number One Divine Doctor and face this kinda thing was extremely important!

Unfortunately this young lass kept persisting on her question, and had to come out with a definite answer so this made him very embarrassed…..

Huang Yueli humpfed and said, “Alright, I understand your meaning! I don’t welcome fellows who try to swindle a meal here. Didn’t you also say you don’t need this meal of mine? Then why are you still staying around here for?”

Liu Buyan choked with his resentment for some time, telling himself that he must cool down. As a man, a ninth stage realm top exponent, how could be possible get infuriated over a young lass?

It hadn’t been easy for him as he finally cooled down a little, “I’m happy to laze around here, so I’ll just laze around wherever I like! Why are you still sitting there for? Still not hurry and go cook? I’ve not eaten my fill so where would I find the energy to do consultation?”

Huang Yueli finally gave a smile, “Divine Doctor Liu, you’re really a good person! Don’t worry, my culinary skills are very good and will definitely satisfy you!”

“Your words had better be true!” Liu Buyan humpfed coldly, as his expression turned into a shade of pink.

It seemed that…. this was the first time someone said he was a good person! Did this little lass really thought so?

Huang Yueli had attained her motive and her mood was good as she turned around and prepared to cook.

Liu Buyan hurriedly cried out, “The cakes on the table… remember to make a few more!”

Huang Yueli blinked, and felt slightly surprised.

In the past, she had never heard that Liu Buyan liked to eat sweet stuff?

Could it be that peerless top exponents with outstanding innate talents all liked to eat sweet stuff? In the past, Mu Chengying loved the sweet cakes she made, and later on Li Moying also liked it very much. Those cakes on the coffee table were left over from what she made for Li Moying several days ago. Now, Liu Buyan actually liked it as well?

Could it be that there’s some secret that she didn’t know about? Eating sweet stuff would increase their way of cultivation?

Huang Yueli was thinking as she raised the fire in the kitchen to cook.

She was already a fire attributed practitioner and her control towards flames were naturally well versed. The flames in her control changed continuously as the cuisine in her wok started to spread an enticing smell.

“This… how did you do that?”

Liu Buyan’s voice suddenly arose from behind her and almost scared her to death.

“You… can you stop springing out from behind other people’s back??” Huang Yueli asked in exasperation.

Liu Buyan didn’t think much of it as he responded, “Your guts is so small and you’re still a practitioner! Quick, I’m asking you a question!”

Huang Yueli looked at the direction which his finger was pointing to and said, “This is the cake which you saw earlier. The method of making it is actually very simple. You only need to mix flour and kudzu root and heat it up to a transparent state, then add in whatever ingredients you like and when it will form its shape when it cools down. For example you can add red bean to become a red bean cake, add coconut milk to become coconut cake…..”