Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Rainbow Crystal Cake 3

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Liu Buyan gave a sceptical expression.

“Just that simple? When I saw the finished product earlier, the colours were very pretty as though various precious gems, totally crystal like!”

Huang Yueli replied, “Of course. The method is very simple, but in order to make it beautifully, you will also need to control the temperature! The best chefs…. Are all fire attributed practitioners! Do you understand?”

Liu Buyan was suddenly enlightened, “I see…..”

Saying that, he stared at that large hot of boiling sticky liquid and his gaze suddenly became blurred, as though he saw a far, far away place from all the smoke which was rising from that huge boiling pot…..

Huang Yueli gave him a curious stare and felt that this fellow’s actions was just too strange!

What did that mean? What could he possibly comprehend from a meal? Was there anything more outrageous than this?

She couldn’t be bothered to find out what Liu Buyan was thinking about as she swiftly moved about and very soon, a table full of food was produced.

Liu Buyan had specifically requested for more sweet cakes so she made a huge bunch of them, in various colours and there were a total of seven flavours.

Liu Buyan looked at the rainbow coloured cake on the table and asked in shock, “This is…. The rainbow crystal cake?”

“Ah? How did you…..” know?

Her words hadn’t come out totally when Huang Yueli suddenly recalled that in her past life, Liu Buyan had once seen this sweet cake from her side and that time, she even jokingly replied that this sweet cake had a total of seven flavours and was called as rainbow crystal cake. In the end, they just finished talking when Li Buyan was chased away by Mu Chengying for freeloading on the meal…..

It was all her fault that she had actually made something from her past life. If Liu Buyan were to guess her identity from this… this would be terrible!

She hadn’t forgot that Liu Buyan and Mu Chengying were enemies!

She hurriedly changed her words, “Why did you say that? Giving a name to a dish, aren’t you a little too bored!”

“Where did you learn how to make this dish? Who taught you?” Liu Buyan turned his head and looked at her.

Huang Yueli gave a convenient reason, “What’s the difficulty in this? Sweet cakes are something which every family knows. You’re the one who asked me to make a little more and just nice, I have seven different kinds of fruits at home so I casually made a few. Isn’t the variety abundant?”

Liu Buyan heard her reasoning and appeared slightly disappointed.

“So this is the reason…..”

“Mn Hmm!” Huang Yueli nodded her head furiously.

Liu Buyan didn’t continued asking but received his rice bowl from Huang Yueli as he raised up his chopsticks and started eating.

Huang Yueli didn’t have much of an appetite. Yesterday she quarrelled with Li Moying and today she met Murong Fei, an annoying problem so her mood was rather down and she didn’t feel like eating anything at all.

So she just took a few bites and put down her chopsticks.

Liu Buyan, on the other hand, had a great appetite. He ate quickly and soon the spread on the big roundtable was left with just a little bit.

Furthermore, he had exceptional interest in that plate of rainbow crystal cakes and not only did he finish the entire plate, when he was eating, the expression on his face was very strange.

Huang Yueli blinked and said, “If you can’t finish it then don’t. This is meant for four people! No matter how much you like it, surely you don’t need to binge like that right?”

Liu Buyan didn’t even looked at her, “You don’t understand…..”

The corners of Huang Yueli’s lips twitched, as she was left speechless.

Just a meal only, what was he thinking of! How could she not understand?

However, what she didn’t know was when Liu Buyan looked at that plate of sweet cakes, his heart was thinking of something that had happened a long, long time ago…..