Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Rainbow Crystal Cake 4

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In fact, he already knew previously that his best buddy Mu Chengying loved that lady’s culinary very much. Especially when the both of them met, Huang Yueli would always prepare a plate of rainbow crystal fruit cakes for him.

Huang Yueli was the female goddess which all men loved and pursued, and she was willing to put down her status to cook for Mu Chengying, and even to suit his taste…..

Liu Buyan knew he shouldn’t be jealous of him, and he had no right to be jealous. But every single time he saw them, his heart would faintly feel uncomfortable.

Adding on to the fact that Mu Chengying’s possessiveness was extremely strong, and overprotective of his food, there were several times when he jokingly said he wanted to taste sister-in-law’s culinary skills, Mu Chengying refused to give up the sweet cakes to him.

This resulted in Liu Buyan having an indescribable obsessiveness towards this kind of beautiful cakes…..

Later on, although had eaten numerous sweet cakes in other kitchens, but none of them could mould it that beautifully like Huang Yueli. So he always felt that the taste should be different?

Today, when he saw that plate of sweet cakes on the coffee table, he discovered that it was the same as those in his memories. The external view was simply too alike and so he was attracted by it and stayed around.

He wanted to know badly how did that sweet cake tasted like and for this reason, giving a one-time consultation really didn’t matter much?

Now that Liu Buyan finally tasted the sweet cakes, he felt that it wasn’t really that nice…

Because he basically wasn’t like Mu Chengying who especially loved sweet foods so this, to him, was a tad too sweet for his liking.

Liu Buyan remained silent and after eating for a long time, he finally put down his chopsticks.

Huang Yueli’s eyes sparkled, as she used her twinkling bright eyes, filled with hopes and stared at him!

Liu Buyan was shocked by her agitated attitude and at the same time, he felt that her look where her eyes were opened wide looked extremely cute…. His heartbeat started to jump much faster.

“Cough cough, this culinary skills of yours is just mediocre and can barely enter the mouth…. So you still need to put in more effort! But since I’m more magnanimous, although your food isn’t satisfactory, but I’ll still abide the agreement and give your friend a consultation.”

Liu Buyan said that on purpose.

Huang Yueli gave him a cold stare, was this considered as human’s words? Mediocre and he still ate so much! Could he actually be a pig? Why wasn’t he picky at all?

But on account that Liu Buyan promised to give Li Moying a consultation she decided not to ridicule him.

“Then thank you Divine Doctor Liu!”

“Mn” Liu Buyan nodded, “Where is your friend? When do you need me to make the consultation?”

“That of course would be….”

Huang Yueli originally wanted to say “as soon as possible” but on second thoughts, she recalled that the last time she mentioned to let Liu Buyan do the consultation, Li Moying seemed extremely upset and not only was he not willing to meet Liu Buyan, he even made her guarantee that she would not go and look for Liu Buyan…..

Not knowing what happened between these two people, why did Liu Buyan seemed to have a feud with everyone?

But in order to prevent Li Moying from flying into a rage again and even to reject treatment, she felt that it would be better to inform him beforehand.

“Ughh, it’s like this, my friend is not in Sky Cloud City now and I’ve asked him to hurry over these few days. So how long will you stay in Sky Cloud City for? I’ll get someone to inform you by then?”

Liu Buyan complained, “I’m willing to do a consultation and you actually made so many demands! Forget it, on account of your sincerity…. I am staying in Sky Cloud City’s largest inn so send someone over to look for me by then! But I’ll only stay over here for ten days so I’ll not wait beyond that!”