Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 So Its Not A Lie 1

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Huang Yueli gave a joyous look before she exclaimed, “Alright, I’ve noted that. I’ll definitely come looking for you in ten days’ time!”

After getting his word of guarantee, Huang Yueli became more affable.

Liu Buyan had suffered an entire day of grievance here and it was only until now that he noticed that she seemed to make some effort in pleasing him which made him felt slightly balanced. With that, he put on airs and demanded a whole load of requests, and even requested Huang Yueli to pack a large box of sweet cakes for him to take away before he happily strutted away.

Huang Yueli was just short of saying “This subject respectfully wishes Your Majesty goodbye”, in her heart she had already chopped Li Buyan into eight to ten pieces!

Only when Liu Buyan’s silhouette had disappeared from her sight, then did she wipe the sweat off her forehead as she prepared to return to her room and rest.

But just at the instance when she was turning around, she felt an extremely dangerous presence emitting from her back!

Huang Yueli shivered with fear and she didn’t have enough time to react when a huge force pushed her onto the wall!

“Who were you with earlier??”

The familiar man’s voice, containing an obvious flustered and exasperated frustration was heard from the top of her head.

Huang Yueli went into a blank and immediately raised her head, her eyes met directly with Li Moying’s good looking face!

But at this moment, Li Moying’s face no longer had the usual gentleness on it. Even that usual aloof, chilly look which he had on while facing other people had disappeared. In replacement was a complicated expression which was mixed with frustration, anxiety and pain.

His lower jaw tightened as the corners of his lips pursed into one straight line, his thick brows knitted together into a knot as the gaze that he set upon Huang Yueli looked so ferocious as though he wanted to eat someone up.

“Huh? You said… what?” Huang Yueli was still slightly dazed.

Li Moying’s hands were propped against the wall, his large stature inclined forward against her petite body, masked entirely under his body as his cool countenance leaned in closer, his breathing seemed tinted with a raging hot fury.

“I’ll ask you again…. Earlier, who were you with? That man….. If I didn’t see wrongly, it’s Liu Buyan??”

“Ughh, you’ve already seen him, I was just about to tell you…..”

Huang Yueli was still worrying about how to persuade him to make him go for a consultation with Liu Buyan and since he had already seen it for himself, she would take this chance to persuade him.

Whoever knew, she had just started an opening before she was cut off.

“So, that man earlier really was Liu Buyan?” Li Moying stared fixedly at her eyes, insisting an answer from her.

Huang Yueli thought that his reaction was a bit strange, but couldn’t make out what was strange.

She was focused on making him go for the consultation, so without dwelling too much upon that, she hurriedly tried to persuade him.

“Oh right, you’re correct! Liu Buyan happened to pass by Sky Cloud City and dropped by to visit me. I was just discussing with him, to….. mmmph!!”

Huang Yueli was talking mid-way when her words were cut in again and this time, Li Moying directly used his palm to cover her mouth, not allowing her to continue talking.

Huang Yueli’s little hand grabbed hold of Li Moying’s wrist, thinking to pry open his hands, but Li Moying’s strength was very powerful and he refused to let go.

Huang Yueli couldn’t speak so she could only use her eyes to stare daggers at him!

What madness was this man showing? What time was this already and he actually didn’t allow her to speak?

Huang Yueli was just about to fly into a rage when she suddenly felt her shoulders sunk, Li Moying’s head leaned onto her as he buried his face into her neck.

His sexy deep masculine voice sounded slightly blurry.

“Don’t say… I don’t want to hear you tell me personally…..”

“Mmmmph!” Don’t want to hear me say what??

However, Li Moying stopped talking from then on but maintained the tight embrace showing his vulnerable stance.