Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 So Its Not A Lie 2

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After a short while, Li Moying finally loosened his grip on her mouth and he slowly raised his head, and at the same time, both his hand cupped Huang Yueli’s face to make her look at him in his eyes.

“You and Liu Buyan…. When did it begin?”

“Begin?” Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment, “You mean when did we get to know each other?”

“You can consider it as that.” Li Moying sighed softly.

Huang Yueli thought for a moment. The things which happened in her past life, she naturally couldn’t talk about it, then…..

“It’s when I was leaving South Yue Kingdom, I think I mentioned to you previously, do you still remember? I was pursued by a mysterious man during my journey and almost lost my life. In the end, Liu Buyan was living in seclusion nearby and happened to pass by and saved me. He even helped me to treat my internal injuries so later on, we got acquainted…..”

“Really? I’m afraid it isn’t like this right? Don’t you guys already know one another from before? Or should I say, just that one meeting and you’ve developed feelings for him?” Li Moying’s voice was icy cold as it hovered over the top of her head.

Huang Yueli went into a short blank and finally realised what was wrong.

“You say, I…. I have feelings for Liu Buyan? What made you think in that way?”

Li Moying’s perfectly shaped thin lips arched upwards giving out a slight smile, but the smile looked even uglier than crying.

“What made me think in that way? You’re the one who told me about this! The person you like is an unsurpassed ninth stage realm top expert and his existence in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent is stronger than everyone else! He’s much stronger than me and powerful enough and can give you countless glory, isn’t it? So…. this person is Liu Buyan!”

After having a big fight with Huang Yueli yesterday, he blow he suffered was too huge and originally he was intending to disappear from her sight after today.

In the end, he heard that Murong Fei went over to find trouble with her today and he got anxious and couldn’t stop himself from getting close to her courtyard to find out on her condition.

After all, Murong Fei’s ability was much higher than Huang Yueli by several times and no matter how much confidence he had in her, he was still worried that she would be injured.

Even if Huang Yueli didn’t liked him, he didn’t hope that anyone would hurt her.

The result was when Li Moying arrived, he didn’t see Murong Fei but an unexpected person – Liu Buyan!

Subconsciously, his mind flashed past the words which Huang Yueli said yesterday!

She already had someone whom she liked and that person was an incomparable unsurpassed top exponent!

If it were to say that before this, Li Moying still held a sliver of hope, hoping that what Huang Yueli said yesterday was purely to cheat him, then the instance he met Liu Buyan today, he instantly understood the truth!

What Huang Yueli said wasn’t a lie!

Li Moying gritted his teeth as he continued, “I finally understand why you said I cannot be compared with him! Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Divine Doctor, Number One Pill Master…. this kind of identity is something that I cannot hope to achieve! What am I? I’m merely a seventh stage realm practitioner whereas Liu Buyan is already in ninth stage realm! Furthermore he has pill refining skills to obtain his esteem status! You following him is indeed much better than following me!”

Huang Yueli finally understood what he was thinking about and that he had misunderstood something as her expression changed instantly.

She hurriedly tried to explain, “Li Moying, you…. things are not like what you imagined! Me and Liu Buyan…. we’re not in that kind of relationship with you’re talking about!”

Li Moying threw a glance at her, his eyes clear and cold.

“Really? Do you mean that…. what you said yesterday was just to cheat me?”