Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 So Its Not A Lie 3

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Huang Yueli didn’t know how to answer him momentarily as she went into a short blank before responding, “What I said yesterday, is not to cheat you but…..”

Li Moying clenched his teeth and cut into her words, “But? You’ve made things so clearly yesterday, what is there to but about?”

Huang Yueli was so anxious that she stamped her feet and couldn’t help but raised her volume, “You….. why can’t you let me finish what I want to say?! Can you stop interrupting me!”

Li Moying looked at her, he really wish he could pinch this lass to smithereens! He used all his energy to control his rising fury.

“Alright, go ahead!”

Huang Yueli took a deep breathe, and swiftly explained, “Things are really not like what you think! Liu Buyan and I are not that kind of relationship, he saved me previously and that was really the first time we met! This time he happened to pass by Sky Cloud City and conveniently dropped by to take a look at me! I didn’t talk much to him as well? We only exchanged a few conventional greetings with each other and I was hoping that he could do a consultation with you only…..”

Li Moying looked at her exquisite delicate face and his heart was so stirred that he was feeling complicated with love and hatred.

“Really? It really seems like what you say! Let me ask you, if you and Liu Buyan were just acquainted with each other, then why did he purposely pass by Sky Cloud City just to check in on you? As the continent’s Number One Divine Doctor, he intentionally checked on where you’re staying at and made a visit on purpose, why is that so? If he doesn’t have that kind of thinking on you, it’s impossible that he would do such a thing!”

“I…. how would I know why he did this….”

“Besides this, I remember I told you this before, the person I hated the most is Liu Buyan. I rather die than let him do a consultation for me and you still went ahead to ask him to help me do a consultation. Isn’t this reason a little too far-fetched?”

“In what way? Why must you think that way about Liu Buyan and me? Although his temper is a little weird, but which Divine Doctor isn’t like that? Can’t you be a little more tolerant towards him?”

“….. Why? You heart is aching?” Li Moying’s tone was chilly, his expression looked extremely doleful.

Huang Yueli was dumbstruck, and the next moment her eyes widened with shock.

“You….. what are you saying? How could I possibly feel anguish… for him? I’m doing all these in consideration for you…..”

“Really? Then let me ask you one last question!” Li Moying stared closely at her in her eyes, “Since you say you indeed have someone whom you like, and you say that person is not Liu Buyan, then who…. Is that person??”

“This…” Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment as her face was perplexed.

Li Moying observed the expression on her face, and after some time, he gave an icy smile, “Why? Can’t answer me? Could it be that other than Liu Buyan, you know another powerful top exponent? If you really do, then why can’t you tell me…. who is he?”

“Stop asking… even if I said so, you wouldn’t believe me!” Huang Yueli threw him an appealing look at him.

Li Moying wasn’t moved by it as he replied chillingly, “If you don’t tell, how would I know whether it’s the truth or not? Otherwise…. you had intended to cheat me right from the start!”

“No… it’s not like this…..”

“Then just say!” Li Moying couldn’t bear it any further as he stretched out his hand and grabbed her thin and weak shoulders.

Huang Yueli’s pearly white teeth bit her lips so hard that blood started to seep out but she was totally unaware.

She didn’t know how to explain because no one would believe the affairs between her and Mu Chengying even if she said it out!