Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Heart Is A Mess
Chapter 106 Heart is a mess

Tilting her chin slightly, Bai Ruo Qi displayed a delighted expression.

That little slut dared to clash with her!

Did she think that deliberately bidding against her would make her suffer a loss?

Lets see how she would deal with this! In front of this many people, when Thousand Treasure Pavilion discovered she is unable to paythen she would be losing greatly!


Shopkeeper Sun become somewhat awkward.

He heard that Third Young Miss Bai was in the same private room as his new mysterious owner.

Although he was unable to learn of the new owners identity, one thing was certain. The new owners strength was matchless with a very special background. He didnt even treat the Crown Princes position as anything!

If he were to start to question Bai Ruo Li, then there would a high chance of offending the owner. This kind of super expert, once angered, what kind of result will happen?

These old bones of his still wished to live for a few more years!

But if he were to continue to ignore this without rhyme or reason, it would greatly impact Thousand Treasure Pavilions reputation.

Bai Ruo Qi was very clever, speaking straight into the hearts of the guests present. The biggest fear of an auction, was the intentional bidding in the attempts to raise an items price from evil parties!

Now that someone was called into question, regardless of feelings and relationships, Shopkeeper Sun must give them a logical reply.

Shopkeeper Sun was a very bad position. His eyebrows were so tightly creased that they could form knots.

It was at that exact moment that Huang Yue Li once again spoke out.

Shopkeeper Sun, no need to feel distressed. Since my Second Sister had voiced her concerns, then I should naturally comply and allow Thousand Treasure Pavilion to investigate me. If we do not give a proper explanation, then wouldnt I be branded as a person who maliciously raises auctions prices? This is a pot I refuse to carry! If this also affects Thousand Treasure Pavilions prestige, then I will feel burdened.

Her words were calm and orderly; devoid of haste or slow speed. Her tone was paced and level, filled with the natural charisma of an aristocratic lady.

With those words, it turned the aggressive Bai Ruo Qi into a cursing vixen.

Everyones view of her instantly changed.

Suffering another hidden loss, Bai Ruo Qi felt suffocated. With nothing good to retort, she could only say: Since this is the case, I ask Third Sister to take out proof of your assets. I do want to see if you really possess that much money!

Proof..of course I will take it out. But, I must also ask you something Second Sister. Since you have claimed something that paints me as a dishonourable person, what will you do if your claims are false?

Shocked at her response, Bai Ruo Qi asked: What do you mean, what will I do?

Huang Yue Li lowly chuckled: Second Sister, your claims stated that I was purposely raising prices. If you are wrong, isnt it fair if you atone for that mistake? If everyone was like you, accusing others of maliciously raising because they cannot afford to bid, who will dare bid in the future? How can Thousand Treasure Pavilion continue to do business?

She immediately received understanding from many people.

Thats right! Thats right! Third Young Miss has a point! If malicious price raising results in a ban from Thousand Treasure Pavilion, then slandering others should receive equal punishment!

Correct. If I remember correctly, there is a rule like this?

Bai Ruo Qi did not think for a moment, Bai Ruo Lis words would be that logical, that peircing!

The crowd who was previously siding with her was instantly swayed and now stood with Bai Ruo Li!

And from her tone, it seems that she carries quite a lot of confidence. She wouldnt truly be able to take out proof?

Bai Ruo Qi was temporarily at a loss on what to do. Her heart was a mess, unsure to what truly lay hidden within Bai Ruo Lis scheming heart!