Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 So Its Not A Lie 4

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Furthermore, she thought she was senseless, why must she insisted on explaining to Li Moying?

If she admitted that Liu Buyan was her sweetheart, then wouldn’t it made Li Moying give up on her?

But unknowingly why, Huang Yueli didn’t wanted Li Moying to misunderstand her…..


The strength that Li Moying had on her shoulders increased and his tone became stern!

Huang Yueli shut her eyes and by the time she reopened it, she seemed to have a new sense of determination as she replied resolutely, “Alright, since you must know, then I’ll tell you! The person I like is the Number One top exponent in the whole of Soaring Heavens Continent Mu Chengying!”

Her words had just fallen as Li Moying was stunned. After several moments of silence, he furiously shook off Huang Yueli’s shoulders as his face was filled with disappointment.

“Enough, stop playing tricks on me! If you really don’t want to admit, I can’t possibly do anything to you isn’t it? Why must you come out with such a ridiculous thing to cheat me?”

“I didn’t cheat you…”

Li Moying said, “I’d believe it if you said anyone else, but….. Mu Chengying? Ever since the Number One Armament Master Huang Yueli had passed away, he had always been in closed door cultivation in Blue Profound Sect and till now, he had not come out for the past fourteen years! How old are you? When did you have a chance to meet him? And even to settle down your marriage arrangements?”

“This…”Huang Yueli was speechless when she heard that and furthermore, there was a sour feeling about it.

Already some people had told her that Mu Chengying had always been in closed door cultivation and it was only until now that she clearly understood that ever since her death, Mu Chengying had not stepped out of his closed door cultivation…. Why on earth did he do such a thing? Was it because the injury he suffered at the Northern Ice Fields too serious? Or was it because he was too discouraged by her death and didn’t want to dabble in the affairs of the world, just focusing on breaking through the tenth stage realm?

Li Moying shook his head dejectedly, “Furthermore, Mu Chengying’s heart already belonged to someone and it’s something which everyone in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent knows about! Don’t tell me he has a change of heart?”

He looked at the dazed Huang Yueli from the corner of his eye and didn’t wanted to find out what she was thinking at all. He thought that her lie had been exposed and didn’t know how to continue from then on.

Li Moying’s heart was congested with various emotions, disappointment, jealousy, anger, and irreconciled…

But most of all, it was the yearning reluctance towards this young lady.

Even though he knew that she was destined to not belong to him, but the palpitation of his heart could not be quelled…..

He clenched his teeth, feeling that he wasn’t able to face all these and turned around, preparing to leave.

Huang Yueli regained her senses at this moment and hurriedly walked forward, tugging his sleeve.

“Wait, Li Moying, don’t leave! I… My matter, I don’t know how to explain, and there’s no way to explain, but… but can you find some time, let me get Liu Buyan to do a consultation for you? He already promised me that he will be able to do a consultation for you within these ten days. Even if you’re angry at me, don’t make things difficult for your own body…..”

Li Moying didn’t even turned back as he said indifferently, “No need. My own body, I know it clearly! Miss Bai, thank you for your good intentions!”

This “Miss Bai” was like a sharp prick, piercing into Huang Yueli’s heart.

It was so painful that she shuddered, loosening her grip as her hands trembled.

Ever since the day they got to know one another, Li Moying had always been calling her affectionately by Li’er, or various intimate names on her, and had never used such a polite manner to call her…..

Feeling the grip by the young lady behind him loosening, Li Moying’s fist clenched tightly before he loosened it once again…