Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 So Its Not A Lie 5

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At this present moment, Li’er was still worried about his body and that made him very touched but this gentleness hurt him even more.

He finally understood why Li’er flatly denied her relationship with Liu Buyan.

It was probably worried that it would be because of jealousy and not willing to let Liu Buyan do a consultation for him…

His Li’er was always so considerate, and even considered the fact about his feelings and pride, only… until today, he had neither qualification nor courage to deserve her goodness.

For an arrogant man like him, if he couldn’t gained her entirely, then he might as well… give up totally!

The minute this thinking flashed past his head, Li Moying felt his chest hurt extremely, making a determined man like him unable to accept it.

He didn’t want to make a fool out of himself in front of her, and he ran off in a discomposed state, without turning back to take a look at her!


Huang Yueli wanted to open her mouth and call out to him but discovered that her throat was incomparably hoarse. She called out the first word but was unable to continue.

Looked like Li Moying had already ascertained that she and Liu Buyan were a pair!

Seeing how disappointed Li Moying was, she wanted badly to stop him…..

But what right did she had to stop him? Even if she did, what could she say?

Even if she did clear up and explained clearly on the matter between Liu Buyan and her, so what about it?

In the end, she still couldn’t be together with Li Moying and since that was the case, she might as well not explain and let him continue misunderstanding her. Anyway, the end result was the same so it was better to just get the pain over rather than prolonging the agony…..

Only thing was her heart was still uncomfortable, feeling that she had missed something very important to her…..


After Li Moying left, Huang Yueli stayed in her room alone and nothing she did could perk herself up.

She had originally intended to go refine armaments in the room next door but after she lit up the furnace flame, she discovered that she wasn’t able to quieten down her heart and not only could she not complete refining, because her mind wandered about, she always made the furnace exploded. Even if she managed to react in time, she still ended up with a headful of smog, cutting a sorry state.

She left the armament refining room in anger, feeling that everything was not going smoothly today.

Usually, no matter how frustrated she was, the minute she stood beside the armament furnace, she would naturally calm down and focused on armament refining.

But today, she had no way to calm down and her eyelid kept twitching, feeling uneasy.

Why on earth was this? Was Li Moying’s influence on her that big?

She left the armament refining room, thinking to take a shower. When she walked to the courtyard, she suddenly heard disorderly clamouring from outside, and in between there were several young men and young ladies’ screaming continuously.

What kind of situation was that? Celestial Light Academy’s nights were usually very quiet and had never been so disorderly before!

She was preparing to head out for a look when suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Furthermore, the person knocking sounded very urgent as he pounded hard, while he was knocking, he shouted at the same time, “Third Miss! Third Miss! Are you in? If you are, please open the door for this subordinate!”

Huang Yueli recognised Mo Yi’s voice and her heart pounded hard, as an ominous feeling overcame her!

She shot like an arrow to the door and opened it.

When Mo Yi saw her, he shouted anxiously, “Third Miss, something bad has happened! When Master returned to his courtyard this evening, his illness suddenly acted up!”