Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Lier Youre Mine 3

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Jiang Tuxin’s expression turned green immediately as he replied in a bad mood, “I say… Protector Mo, stop pulling my leg! What kind of timing is this! Can’t you tell that Young Sect Master have already turned into this state? If you’re not going to think of ways to solve this, I’m afraid even before the aid from the Sect arrived, my Celestial Light Academy would be completely ruined!”

Mo Yi saw this old man got so infuriated that he started to shiver and his heard was quivering as he hurriedly comforted him, “Principal Jiang, don’t belittle Third Miss! If there’s anyone who can control my Master, I’m afraid she would be the only one!”

“He he, Protector Mo, you’re not any younger yourself, how could you be so muddled when it comes to a critical timing like this?” Jiang Tuxin took advantage of his age and replied immodestly, “If Young Sect Mater is clear minded, I naturally won’t suspect that he will give way to Miss Bai! But can’t you see the current situation that Young Sect Master is in right now? He probably doesn’t even know who he himself is right now so how could he possibly remember who Miss Bai is? Miss Bai is merely a third stage realm practitioner and doesn’t have as thick skin and flesh like me, how could she withstand Young Sect Master’s thunder strike?”

Mo Yi shook his head as he continued, “Principal Jiang, you’re saying that because you don’t understand Master and Third Miss. Anyway if even Third Miss doesn’t have a way to save Master, then no one else will! Even if the elders from the sect appears, they might not have a better way than Third Miss!”

Jiang Tuxin apparently doesn’t believe his words as he blew his moustache and widened his eyes retorting angrily, “Nonsense, too nonsensical! I will not allow Miss Bai to do such a dangerous thing! She is the number one genius in our Celestial Light Academy for the past few centuries and she’s even a valuable Armament Master, so how can I allow her to give up her life like that?”

No matter what Mo Yi said, Jiang Tuxin refused to believe him.

Mo Yi could only shift his gaze onto Huang Yueli, Third Miss, do you think… there’s any way?”

Ever since Huang Yueli reached the square, she had her eyes fixed onto Li Moying and the more she looked, the more serious her expression became.

The situation of Li Moying’s illness this round seemed much more serious than the previous few times!

In the past, although his senses weren’t clear, but he could at least used his strong ability to control the thunder attributed energy within his body and wasn’t that disorderly.

But this time, Li Moying’s back gathered the pair of thunder wings and that was formed by the vast amount of energy unleashed from his body, an indication of a ninth stage realm practitioner’s Profound Skill!

This pair of thunder wings for the current Li Moying wasn’t of any help but yet he managed to solidify it out. This meant that it wasn’t out of Li Moying’s intentions, more likely…. His body’s Profound Energy leaked out uncontrollably and was unconsciously formed!

Li Moying actually didn’t control his own Profound Energy!

That meant to say that his Soul Detachment Illness symptoms had worsened once again!

This…. was all because of her?

Huang Yueli was both feeling heartache and guilt as her heart was worried to the max!

At this moment, she heard Mo Yi’s enquiry and immediately replied, “Li Moying’s condition today is very bad so I cannot guarantee that I am able to make him turn back to normal. But we simply cannot afford to let it drag on any further. I will go and give it a try now!”

Mo Yi respectfully bowed, “Third Miss, we’ll have to trouble you then! Please expend your hardest effort!”

“Don’t worry!” Huang Yueli nodded and her expression turned resolute as she walked towards the thunder storm direction.

Jiang Tuxin saw that she really walked over and was scared till his face turned pale.

“Come back! Bai Ruoli, come back right now! Don’t you know how dangerous it is over there?”