Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Lier Youre Mine 4

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However, Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t hear anything and continued to head forward.

Jiang Tuxin grew even more anxious, “You… come back right now! Even an eighth stage realm practitioner like me don’t dare to walk over like that! How many lives do you think you have? You dare to look for death like that?”

He was really anxious, this was the number one genius in Celestial Light Academy and her life was thrown away by a moment of rashness to save someone, what a waste it would be!

Jiang Tuxin flashed past and attempted to pull her back.

However, Mo Yi blocked him, “Principal Jiang, don’t be too hasty. Third Miss never does things which she’s not confident about, just wait and see!”

“What kind of joke is this…. this is a matter of life and death!”

Jiang Tuxin didn’t believe these words but just that short obstruction from Mo Yi, Huang Yueli had already gotten close to Li Moying and he was not able to stop her in time, and could only watch her with his eyes open, getting nearer and nearer, nearer and nearer…..

As Jiang Tuxin and the other teachers and students held their breaths and they watched closely, Huang Yueli slowly inched closer to Li Moying, one thousand meters, nine hundred meters, eight hundred meters…

Just when the distance between the both of them were around one hundred meters or so, Li Moying’s surrounded lightning had already enveloped Huang Yueli entirely.

Seeing the sparking electricity on Huang Yueli’s body, each of them present were so nervous that they almost forgot to breath.

“Heavens, Bai Ruoli’s hair are all standing from the static! Just how strong are the thunder attributed energy waves!”

“It’s too scary! The pressure that Bai Ruoli is suffering right now must be extremely shocking!”

“What should we do? There’s still one hundred meters? I think it’s difficult for her to make even one more step? If she goes forward any further, she will definitely be burnt to a crisp!”

However, what gave everyone a big surprise was not only did Huang Yueli’s advancement not slowed down, but she continued walking step by step, unhesitatingly towards Li Moying’s direction.

What was different from everyone’s imagination was the thunder zone hadn’t affected her much.

Because she had ninth grade thunder attributed innate talent so her acceptance towards thunder and lightning were totally different from what an ordinary student could imagine.

Li Moying had his pair of eyes half closed, his brows furrowed, maintaining a hovering position, not moving and as though he had not noticed anyone intruding into his zone.

It wasn’t until the two of them were left with ten meters in between when he suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes had a purplish lighting hue, suddenly bright and suddenly dim, as his gaze gave an obvious cryptic and deep meaning.

“Woman, did I allow you to get close to me? Get lost!” His voice bore a kind of melancholic magnetism.

Huang Yueli raised her eyes to look at him in the eye and not only did she not retreat, she shot straight forward right to him, and subsequently…. Caught him by the helm of his long robes pulling him downwards.

She mumbled, “Pretending to be a bird man for what? Come down right now!”

“Go away! Don’t make me repeat the third time!”

Li Moying’s expression became even more gloomy as the surround thunder attributed Profound energy turned even more wild, as strong pressure suppressed everything in all directions. Even those teachers standing several miles away felt the immense pressure and they kept retreating!

But Huang Yueli’s feet didn’t move an inch as her small hands grabbed him lower hem, “Quickly get down here! I don’t want to repeat myself for the third time!”

“Heavens, has Bai Ruoli gone crazy? Hadn’t she seen what a terrifying condition Senior Brother Li is in right now? Still dare to talk to him in this way? Does she think that he’s still that fiancé who is docile and obedient to her whims? She’s simply too innocent, Senior Brother Li doesn’t even recognise her now!”