Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 Lier Youre Mine 6

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Mo Yi shook his head and said, “I also don’t know how this can happen, but every time Master’s illness acts up, only Third Miss has the ability to calm him down.”

“But… this… wasn’t it said that even Divine Doctor Liu had no way to cure Young Sect Master’s Soul Detachment Illness, so why is it that Miss Bai used…. this kind of method and she’s able to cure him? This is simply too ridiculous!” Jiang Tuxin was still in disbelief.

Mo Yi replied, “No matter how ridiculous, the truth is displayed in front of us.”

Jiang Tuxin bore with his desire to continue pursuing and said, “Then now… what should we do?”

“Since Master has already calmed down, it shouldn’t act up again and this area should be safe now. Principal Jiang, go ahead and maintain the school’s order. We still have men here so when Master’s energy is depleted and blacks out, we will naturally handle the matters later on.”

“Since that’s the case, then I shall make a move!”

Jiang Tuxin turned back to take a look and left.

Not long after he left, Li Moying finally felt the raging pain in his brain subsiding and his consciousness resumed back to normal instantly.

But following that, the soft touch in his embrace made him think that he had started hallucinating.

He let go of her lips and loosened the grip on her shoulder, as his throat made a rustling hoarse sound, “Li’er, yoi’re….. mine!”

Just after he finished his words, he saw black and completely collapsed.

After Huang Yueli regained freedom, she immediately touched her lips and upon a light touch, she couldn’t help but make a “ssssss” sound.

It’s too painful! Not only was the skin broken, it seemed to be swollen badly!

This man…. was simply like a beast reincarnated!

Just as Huang Yueli was about to start scolding him, she noticed the man’s tall statue falling towards her and she instinctively grabbed hold of him. Li Moying fell onto her shoulder, totally not moving as he lost consciousness.

Huang Yueli patted his face with strength, “Li….. Li Moying! What’s wrong with you? Quickly wake up!”

She raised her hand and placed it on Li Moying’s forehead, and upon the touch, it was scorching hot and that made her grew anxious.

Although Li Moying had always depleted his strength and fell unconscious every single time his illness acted up, but this was the first time his body temperature raised to such a high degree and recalling that his condition today had been so serious, this… wouldn’t cause any problems right?

At this moment, Mo Yi and the rest had already rushed over.

When Mo Yi saw this, he hurriedly said, “Third Miss, we’ve prepared a stretcher, let’s bring Master back to the courtyard now!”

“Alright, you all must be extra careful, his condition looks really bad…..”

“Third Miss please be assured, we will do our best.”

The few shadow guards went forward and tried to place Li Moying onto the stretcher.

But no matter how they pulled, Li Moying refused to budge and sprawled himself onto Huang Yueli’s shoulder, totally unable to pull him down at all.

The shadow guards didn’t dare to be rough with their own Master and could only looked at Huang Yueli with a perplexed expression.

“Third Miss, this…. we can only trouble you…”

Huang Yueli had no choice and could only carry Li Moying horizontally as she placed him onto the stretcher.

“Alright, send your Master back now, the night is late, I should…..”

As she was saying, she stood up and halfway through, she felt a tight grip on her arm.

Lowering her head, Li Moying’s body happened to lay onto her right sleeve.

Huang Yueli tugged a few times but was not able to pull it out.