Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068 An Unbelievable Answer 1

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Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she couldn’t help but suspect if Li Moying’s unconsciousness was faked? Otherwise how could it be so coincidental that he would lay on her sleeve?

Mo Yi hurriedly added, “Third Miss, looks like we will have to trouble you to go back to the courtyard with us! Master trusts you the most and we aren’t as attentive as you, so we might not be able to take care of Master properly…..”

Huang Yueli knew that these were excuses but she really couldn’t rest assured about Li Moying’s condition so she finally nodded and agreed.

The Shadow Guards carried Li Moying while Huang Yueli walked by the side of the stretcher. The group of them walked back to Li Moying’s little courtyard.

When they reached Li Moying’s room, the Shadow Guards laid down the stretcher and speedily flew out of the door.

That speed was like they applied oil onto their feet. By the time Huang Yueli reacted and wanted to stop them, they had all disappeared without a trace!

Mo Yi was the last to leave and he specially and sincerely said, “Third Miss, the trouble must still be solved by the one who started it. Master’s illness acted up because of you this time so please stop quarrelling and make up with him! As the saying goes, you start the fight at the head of the bed and you make up at the end of it, we’ll leave this space for the both of you…..”

“What nonsense are you talking about??”

Huang Yueli’s face flushed a deep shade of red as she wanted to rush upwards to hit him!

But her sleeve was still stuck below Li Moying and as she ran halfway, she was thrown back.

Mo Yi took the chance to wrung his neck back and closed the door before he slipped away quickly!

Huang Yueli helplessly shook her head as she stretched out to tug her sleeve.

This time, she managed to pull it out successfully but she didn’t want to leave now.

Seeing Li Moying in such a pitiful state, she simply could not rest her heart.

Huang Yueli carried Li Moying onto the bed and removed his shoes before undoing his buttons.

Seeing Li Moying’s flushed expression and his body kept giving off that unusual heat, as he kept wriggling around uneasily.

Huang Yueli expended quite an amount of strength before she managed to remove his outer clothing. In the end, his inner shirt had completely been drenched in sweat.

Li Moying was already running a fever and if he continued to wear his damp clothes, there was no way his body temperature would drop.

Huang Yueli had no choice but to remove his inner shirt.

But taking of a man’s inner shirt was a rather ambiguous matter. Especially after Huang Yueli removed Li Moying’s collar buttons, that perfect figure was instantly exposed, that robust and sculpted contours on his body made Huang Yueli unable to resist taking a few more glances

It was until Li Moying gave a low moaning sound before she reacted and realised that her hand was actually touching his body.

She tried to withdraw her hand but was held by Li Moying’s scorching hand.

“Little fox…”

The man’s low groaning as his tone was mixed with a hoarse voice brought about by the high fever, kept reverberating.

Huang Yueli couldn’t hear him clearly as she inched in slightly closer and asked, “What’s the matter? Where are you feeling unwell? Are you thirsty? Let me go, I’ll get your some water and fever reducing pills, you have to take some.”

As she was saying that, she pulled her hand out and tried to stand up.

However, Li Moying tugged on to her refusing to let go as he kept mumbling, “Little fox, don’t leave… don’t leave me…..”

Huang Yueli was stunned, and it was until now that she heard him clearly that Li Moying actually called her “little fox”!

This greeting really made her reminisce….