Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 An Unbelievable Answer 4

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There were many things which she had not suspected in the past and so she would not considered in that direction.

But the minute a seed of suspicion was planted, when one looked back, it was easy to find out that actually…. many things seemed to have tiny hints.

For example, Li Moying and Mu Chengying were both thunder attributed practitioners and their innate talents were outstanding, their characters were exactly the same.

For example, Li Moying would usually make some small movements without realising it. The tone he spoke with bore Mu Chengying’s shadow and especially after his Soul Detachment Illness acted up, he would say some absurd things and upon recalling that it seemed a little too ambiguous…..

And another example was both of them would call her Li’er, little fox…. Other than that, no one else ever called her in that way…..

Most important was when she was in South Yue Kingdom, the first time she saw Li Moying’s looks under that mask, for instance, she had an illusion that the person she saw was Mu Chengying himself!

That pair of penetrating and seductive peach blossomed eyes, was simply alike.

Actually, it wasn’t that there weren’t any men with beautiful eyes but what really linked that together was the expression in that pair of eyes…. That unfathomable gaze, was something that she had not seen in other people’s eyes previously…..

Every time she saw Li Moying, she would feel a sense of familiarity, and to be moved by him was something that she couldn’t control. It was as though the both of them had already knew one another from a long, long time ago and were so familiar that they were able to connect at such a deep level with each other, and could interact with each other so naturally….

So was that to say that…. they were actually…. the same person?

Huang Yueli was at a loss repeatedly in her heart. She very much wished that the truth was so, as she seemed to have found a bit of evidence.

But this matter was just too outrageous and it made her apprehensive, not daring to put too much heart into it.

Just as her heart was in a flurry, Li Moying who was lying on the bed started moaning once again.

He couldn’t sleep peacefully and his brows were tightly knitted, his face extremely pale as his forehead kept sprouting cold sweat.

“Little fox…..”

Huang Yueli was just sitting by his bed as she held his hand and replied worryingly, “I’m here, you…. where are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you… want me to get Mo Yi to bring Liu Buyan here and take a look at you…..”

The force in Li Moying’s hand suddenly increased as he grabbed her delicate hand tightly, making her feel pain.

“No…. don’t leave…. Don’t look for him…..”

Li Moying’s thick and black brows trembled several times as he tried to pry open his eyes, looking at her in a daze, trying to see her revealing a weakened expression.

Such an overbearing and arrogant man, the minute he expressed his weakness, the killing power increased by folds.

Huang Yueli’s heart jumped immediately and went according to his wishes, “Alright alright, I won’t look for him. Can you let me go for a while and I’ll pour you some water?”

Li Moying’s expression was still dazed and didn’t knew how awake he was. He looked at Huang Yueli for a while before he relaxed the strength on his hand slightly.

Huang Yueli slipped into the Sky Phoenix Ring and made a pot of Spirit Saint Spring water. She then filled a glassful of water and delivered it to his mouth.

But unfortunately, Li Moying was very uncooperative and no matter how Huang Yueli tried to feed him, the water kept spilling out until his pillow was all wet, and he still wasn’t able to drink a single bit of it.

Huang Yueli helplessly shook her head when she saw this.

“Looks like…. There’s no other way…. are you doing this on purpose?”