Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Unable To Face Her 1

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Huang Yueli stretched out her hand and pinched Li Moying’s face, looking at his wrinkled up look, her heart seemed to be filled with a little gentleness.

She raised her head up and drank a mouthful of water before leaning over to seal Li Moying’s mouth.

Li Moying really obediently opened his mouth and swallowed the Spirit Saint Spring Water down.

Huang Yueli took one mouthful after another to feed him and right after she fed him the last mouthful of water, Li Moying suddenly turned from passive to active behaviour as he started drawing away the breathe from her mouth.


Huang Yueli groaned and tried to push him aside when she felt the Profound Energy within her body seemed to be drawn away and swam towards Li Moying’s direction.

At the same time, her primordial spirit also suffered a serious blow, as she felt dizziness congesting her entire mind.

For that moment, she seemed to have felt the suffering that Li Moying’s was going through as there was a miraculous link between both their primordial spirits.

She felt her Profound Energy slowly disengaging itself but there was no way to escape. In actual fact, even if she could move now, she would not because the situation of the interconnection of Profound Energies was extremely frail and she didn’t even needed to try before knowing that should she attempted to act rashly and blindly which would cause this connection to break, then both of their primordial spirits would be severely damaged!

Just as the Profound Energy in Huang Yueli’s body almost seemed to be wrung dry, a dull moan was heard from the back of Li Moying’s throat.

Immediately following that was the Profound Energy being poured back into her body, not only did it replaced the original portion which was drawn away, furthermore, there was an additional increase by a lot more!

Not knowing for how long later, Li Moying finally released her as his head turned sideways and he fainted once again.

Huang Yueli tried her hardest to raise her spirit, touching his forehead only to discover in shock that Li Moying’s high fever had decreased!

Furthermore, his facial tone seemed much normal as his heartbeat started to stabilise.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief and started to check her own meridians, only to discover that her own cultivation seemed to have increased and had already reached the third stage realm’s peak condition. She only needed an opportunity to breakthrough to fourth stage realm!

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but went into a daze.

This… what exactly was going on?

Before today, there were no warning signs of her ability suddenly breaking through…..

Could it be that…. it was because of that kiss that she shared with Li Moying earlier?

She wanted to continue thinking but unfortunately her mind became dizzier and dizzier and her eyelids kept fighting with one another, as she couldn’t take it any further and laid down beside Li Moying before faint sleeping as well.


This long night finally went by.

On the next morning, all the way till the sun had raised to the middle of the sky, the room remained tranquil.

Sunlight seeped past the chinks of the curtains and shone onto the bed, but it could not make the couple who were in tight embrace awake.

After some time, the handsome male moved and slowly opened his eyes.

In that moment, his face revealed a puzzled expression as his sight slowly shifted downwards, falling onto his own chest.

His inner robes had been stripped by Huang Yueli yesterday night and right now, he was lying in the nude whereas on his shoulder, a small head bobbing up and down could be seen as he breathed.

“… Li’er?”

Why was she here??

Li Moying cried out in shock, not daring to believe his own eyes but immediately following that, he realised that Huang Yueli was in deep sleep and he didn’t dare to startle her so he shut his mouth immediately.

He subconsciously raised his hand and massaged his temple.

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His head was still faintly twitching and he wasn’t totally clear minded.

Not only that, his body was still deprived of strength, as he felt extremely lethargic, the reaction was as though he had just been through vigorous exercise.

Generally speaking, after his Soul Detachment Illness then would such a condition appear….. could it be… yesterday…

Li Moying felt that his head hurt even more, as he couldn’t help but hugged his head but after thinking for half a day, he simply could not recall clearly what had exactly happened last night.

He could only manage to recall that after he saw Li’er and Liu Buyan together, both of them had a huge quarrel and he left Huang Yueli’s courtyard in anger to return to his own room, thinking to use cultivation to quieten his mood, but the more he cultivated, the more frustrated he became…

Then subsequently, he left that he was losing control of the Profound Energy within his body and his subconsciousness also started to become blurry…..

Consolidating with his body’s condition now, that time…. His Soul Detachment Illness should have acted up?

But what happened after his illness acted up? Why did Li’er appear in his room, on his…. bed? Both of them were embraced in such an intimate manner together, sleeping for an entire night?

After Li Moying’s careful deliberation, he could only deduce that Huang Yueli was called by Mo Yi and the rest to save him, and probably she managed to control his illness once again.

After that… she should be too kind, not bearing to see this jilted man lying alone on the sick bed and hence she undertook to do what was apparently beyond her abilities and took care of him?

But yesterday she had already displayed the fact that she hated him so much, why was she still willing to sleep next to him?

Could it be that… he wasn’t conscious yesterday and used force on her?

Li Moying immediately got nervous as he pulled the blanket aside to check.

Under the blanket, their bodies were tightly wound together and not only did Huang Yueli rest her head on his chest, her arm was still hugging onto his waist. Besides that her thigh and his long legs were entwined together, like a little bird relying on him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he clearly knew she already liked someone else, based on her compromising posture, he would probably mistook that the both of them were very much in love with each other…

But when he saw Huang Yueli’s clothes neatly on her, Li Moying heaved a long sigh.

Looked like the both of them were only sleeping soundly under one blanket and no other accident had happened at all.

Otherwise if he had really forced himself on Huang Yueli…. This lass would probably treat him as her enemy for life!

No, it wasn’t right to say that nothing had happened!

Li Moying’s vision fell onto Huang Yueli’s lips and was deeply attracted by that luscious red colour, as his heart thumped.

Especially after seeing the teeth marks on her lips, he started becoming apprehensive.

This…. wasn’t bitten by him right…

Just at this moment, footsteps was heard from outside the door.

Following that, someone’s whispering floated to Li Moying’s ears.

“It’s already noon time and the room is still so quiet…. What on earth is happening? Surely nothing has happened right?”

“What could happen? Third Miss is watching over him inside! Third Miss is such an intelligent person, if Master really has any problems, she would have come out and called us, how could she possibly keep silent?”

“That’s right too, but… if nothing happened, by this time, at least Third Miss should be awake but there’s no movement at all, so this really makes me feel uneasy!”