Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 Unable To Face Her 3

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“Otherwise…. shall we knock and enter to check?”

“That’s possible as well…..”

“What kind of joke is that? Don’t fool around! Perhaps Master and Third Miss are being intimate in the room and not willing to come out. If you were to interrupt them and Master were to flare up, who’s going to take responsibility for this?”

Outside the room, were Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San.

They whispered very softly but Li Moying’s competence was extremely powerful so no matter how tiny the sound was, he was able to hear it loud and clear.

His eyebrows rose as he called out, “What rubbish are you guys talking about? Still not shutting up!”

Mo Yi and the rest didn’t expect Li Moying to hear them and all of them quivered, cold sweat sprouting immediately as they hurriedly shut their mouths.

Li Moying turned back and looked at Huang Yueli who was sleeping soundly.

As she was in deep sleep, her fair and sleek face was tinted with a shade of red, looking extremely rosy.

Li Moying subconsciously stretched out his finger and caressed her face. Although Huang Yueli was in deep sleep, she instinctively rubbed against his finger, like a little cat rubbing against her most trusted Master.

Li Moying then realised his movements seemed to resemble a thief as he withdrew his hand.

He had finally regained a bit of strength and tried his best to get up, putting on his outer robe before walking out of the door.

Mo Yi and the rest hurriedly bowed in respect, “Our respects to Master!”

Mo Yi stared at them, “Don’t you know how to lower your volume? Li’er is still sleeping inside! Let’s change a place and talk.”


Mo Yi and the rest followed Li Moying as he left, but couldn’t help but turned back to look at the tightly shut room.

They wondered what Third Miss had been doing with Master last night? She actually slept till now?

You really couldn’t blame them for thinking crooked! It was all because of their Master who put it in such an ambiguous manner. Furthermore, Third Miss had always woken up early and had never been in this situation before!

Li Moying brought the three of them into a room by the side and said immediately, “Yesterday night, what happened after I lost consciousness?”

The three shadow guards exchanged glances and Mo Yi stepped upwards, “Master, you should have guessed it already. Yesterday you were too eager in your cultivation which led to your Soul Detachment Illness acting up. You rushed out all the way from your courtyard into the academy’s premises and at that time, the situation was extremely dangerous…..”

Mo Yi roughly summed up the scenario then.

As Li Moying listened, his forehead started to crease.

After such a major event, all the students in the entire academy should have understood that he wasn’t some ordinary student and as for the academy’s teachers, they probably already knew his real identity!

There wasn’t any place which wind didn’t passed by and there were too many people who knew about his identity. If this were to spread, then following that would be admirers from all places would come to seek him out.

His wish to conceal his identity and stay in Celestial Light Academy probably wasn’t possible anymore.

Li Moying asked again, “Why did Li’er turn out to be in my room? Yesterday after she saved me, why didn’t she go back? After I was rescued, it’s enough that the few of you are here, there was no need for her to stay behind.”

Mo Yi hurriedly replied, “Third Miss was extremely concerned about you and very anxious, so she followed us all the way back and took care of you all alone for the entire night.”

He tried his hardest to put in some good words for Huang Yueli.

Yesterday, Huang Yueli actually wasn’t willing to follow them back but Mo Yi decided to say that she insisted on following them over.

After all, it was precisely because Li Moying had a quarrel with Third Miss which led to the illness acting up. So if they were to patch up sooner, then the whole world would be at peace!