Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076 Unable To Face Her 5

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Mo Er also spoke out, “That’s right, Master, what urgent matter do you have, you can just command us! Please don’t ever take your own body as a joke?”

However, Li Moying replied insistently, “I must leave Celestial Light Academy by today! I’ve already decided on this so don’t bother trying to persuade me any further, just follow according to my plan!”

Mo Yi was extremely worried, this wasn’t a joke at all.

Before they met Huang Yueli, every time Li Moying had a relapse, he would be unconscious for several days and for the next two weeks, his body would be in a state where it’s extremely weak.

Although the situation was a lot better now, but there wasn’t any reason for him to leave immediately after his relapse.

Besides that, they had not heard of anything major happening in the Sect, such urgency…. What’s the point of it!

He quickly thought up a reason, “Master, even if you don’t think for yourself, you must think for Third Miss! Third Miss had taken care of you for an entire night and till now, she hasn’t woken up. Apparently the depletion of her energy is extremely serious so you must at least let Third Miss rest for two days before deciding! A lady’s body is much more fragile so she cannot be too tired.”

Mo Yi thought that he was very quick witted.

In the past, no one had been able to change Li Moying’s mind after he had decided but now, as long as they brought out Third Miss, Li Moying would more or less gave in.

How would he even thought that Li Moying casted him a glance but said, “Who said…. I’m bringing Li’er back to the Sect? I’m going back by myself!”

“Ah? What??”

Mo Yi and Mo Er put on an ignorant expression.

Their Master was the legendary wife pampering demon cum sticker, usually he would stick himself around Third Miss and not bear to leave but now he was actually going to slip back secretly to the Sect while Third Miss was in lethargic sleep?

Mo Yi wiped the sweat off his forehead and probed carefully, “Master, that…. how many days are we going to stay in the Sect for? When will we return to Celestial Light Academy? Do you want Mo Qi to stay here and tidy up the courtyard…..”

“Who says we’re coming back here? This time after we return to the Sect…” Li Moying stopped, as a hint of struggle flashed past his eyes, but very quickly he clenched his teeth, “This time after we return to the Sect, we are not going to come here again! So you don’t need to leave anyone here.”

“Huh? But…..”

“But what? Why do you have so many questions? Are you the Master or am I the Master here? Still not going to execute my orders!”

Li Moying was originally frustrated and hearing their bombarding questions, his heart seemed to be burning as he grew fretful.

“Yes, yes, yes, your subordinate obeys!”

On seeing that Li Moying really flying into a rage, Mo Yi and Mo Yi flee ignominiously as they ran wildly out of the door!

It was until they were three miles away from the courtyard when they both slowed down their pace and looked at each other in dismay.

“Eldest Brother, what’s going on? Master actually said he’s not going to bring Third Miss away, furthermore…. He’s not going to come back here after returning to the Sect! This … have the both of them completely fell out with each other?”

Mo Yi’s face sunk, recalling Li Moying’s furious look, his heart felt uneasy but on his mouth he said, “How could that be possible? Master and Third Miss are like a heavenly couple, they get along so well! Beware that Master will pluck out your tongue for talking blindly!”

Mo Er was aggrieved, “This…. you can’t blame me for thinking too much right? Master just leave like that and forget the fact that he’s not bringing Third Miss, he actually…. made me go look for Miss Murong…. Who doesn’t know that she fancies Master? Surely Master…. hasn’t had a change of heart right?”