Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 As Long As Shes Happy 1

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“What rubbish are you sprouting? Master will surely have his own reason for deciding in this way! This is not something that we, as subordinates, can discuss? Still not going to hurry and execute his order?” Mo Yi warned sternly.

Mo Er didn’t dare to say anything further as he withdrew his neck and hurried off.

Mo Yi looked at his departing back and his forehead creased immediately.

Although in front of others, he had to uphold Master’s pride and character, but in actual fact, he himself wasn’t sure at all.

Was Master and Third Miss….. really going to end like this?

Actually, as a subordinate, between Murong Fei and Huang Yueli, he liked the latter more. Recalling Murong Fei’s two faced demeanour, Mo Yi couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine.

In comparison, Third Miss’s looks and innate talent didn’t lose to Murong Fei at all. Moreover she was generous and distinct in love and grudges, bearing an outstanding leader’s demeanour. So even if she stood beside Li Moying, not only was she not defeated, but there was a kind of harmonious feel to it, as the two of them complemented each other’s brightness…

This was what was really known as the ideal couple, a perfect pair.

Hopefully Master’s eyes wouldn’t be so blind to miss such a wonderful lady like Third Miss…..

After the shadow guards left, Li Moying sat for a while more in the room before returning back to the bedroom.

Huang Yueli was still sound asleep on the bed but from her breathing, he could tell that her body was extremely weak right now.

Li Moying caressed her face in worry as his gaze was filled with yearning as he brushed past her flushed cheek.

If he knew that this young lass had a little bit of feelings for him, he absolutely would not bear to leave. But retreating back ten thousand steps to take a look at the big image, even if she didn’t like him, but as long as she didn’t like anyone, he would not give up so easily…..

But…. now, he had to watch with his bare eyes that she revealed her smiles in another man’s embrace but his arrogant pride refused to allow him to do so…

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

Outside the door came a knocking sound, Mo San spoke respectfully, “Master, your subordinate had informed your intention to Principal Jiang and Principal Jiang has sent the doctor here, do you allow Doctor Yang to enter?”

“Come in please!” Li Moying hurriedly replied.

A chubby elderly figure, bearing a kindly look walked in hurriedly.

Doctor Yang was not only Celestial Light Academy’s number one doctor, but also a famous Divine Doctor in South Sky Region. Now he was getting on age, he felt that his physical strength wasn’t as great as before, so he accepted Celestial Light Academy’s invitation. Usually he would not go on a consultation personally but only tasked a few disciples with great innate talent, which practically meant that he was in retirement.

However today, Principal Jiang personally brought him over and asked him to come over, to do a consultation personally.

Doctor Yang wasn’t willing initially. A Divine Doctor like him had a high status so how could he possibly be at anyone’s beck and call?

However upon hearing that the person who invited him was Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master Li, he immediately stood up and without a single moment of delay, he hurriedly rushed over.

Doctor Yang sat by the bedside as he held Huang Yueli’s pulse to do the consultation for her.

The instance his fingers felt Huang Yueli’s skin, Li Moying’s brows subconsciously creased.

Even though he knew that this was purely for consultation and was absolutely necessary, but he still felt uncomfortable within his heart.

Luckily, Doctor Yang’s consultation was speedy and just within a couple of breaths, he already withdrew his hand.

“How is it? Li’er had been in lethargic sleep from yesterday night till now, is there any problem?” Li Moying asked anxiously.