Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 As Long As Shes Happy 3

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Mo Yi didn’t expect Li Moying to really do this.

But he did not guts to persuade him so he could only follow behind Li Moying apprehensively.

On a nearby hill slope not too far away from the courtyard, a huge flying ship stopped there and Elder Chen stood beside the flying ship.

On seeing Li Moying getting closer, Elder Chen quickly stepped up to welcome him, as he was filled with worries.

“Young Sect Master, I heard that yesterday night your illness suddenly relapsed….. I had been worried for the entire night but from how you look currently, you seem to have recovered quite a lot from previous relapses.”

Li Moying nodded but before he could speak.

Suddenly a cry of surprise was heard from behind.

“Eldest Senior Brother??”

Murong Fei was dressed to the nines as she followed Mo Er to the hill slope. She originally walked very slowly, with an unwilling face, but the minute she saw Li Moying, she got excited and couldn’t wait to rush over to his side.

But after she ran two quick steps, but quickly recalled that she was wearing a long and fairy-like flowy dress. In order to display her outstanding temperament, her graceful elegance, if she were to run amok like a countryside lass, then wouldn’t that not be able to show her outstanding uniqueness? How unsightly was that!

Murong Fei hurriedly changed into small steps as her waist swayed and twisted, walking over in a flirtatious manner.

“Eldest Senior Brother…. So it’s really you who called me over? That’s too great! What matters are you looking for me for?”

Murong Fei propped her head halfway and from bottom up, she looked addictively at his handsome face as she spoke in a soft voice.

Mo Er suddenly came over and looked for her, saying Li Moying was looking for her, she simply was overwhelmed by favour! Not daring to believe a single bit of it!

But Li Moying had always been avoiding her and even warning her not to get close to him.

In the end, Li Moying was actually here! Could it be that…. Eldest Senior Brother had suddenly realised her good points and wanted to get closer to her?

As Murong Fei was thinking about these, her body started to incline nearer towards Li Moying…

Just as their bodies were about to touch, Li Moying suddenly took a step backwards.

Murong Fei was caught unawares and her body slipped, almost falling onto the ground.

She hurriedly nudged sideways and stabilised herself, but a painful sensation was emitted from her ankle. Apparently she had twisted it.

“Ah, so painful! Eldest Senior Brother, I…. I twisted my ankle…..” Murong Fei was in so much pain that her face turned pale and she took the opportunity to act pitiful, attempting to attract Li Moying’s sympathy.

However, all Li Moying was thinking about was Huang Yueli who was lying in bed and couldn’t be bothered to take a proper look at her at all.

“Since you’re here, let’s prepare to move out!”

“Move out? Where to?” Murong Fei was stunned.

Li Moying casted her a glance as he replied coldly, “Back to the Sect! You’ve been out for quite long already, you should have played enough! Return to the Sect earlier and cultivate properly, stop causing trouble for Principal Jiang here! Luckily Elder Chen happened to take the flying ship over this time so he can bring you back together.”

Murong Fei had put on a bashful expression originally but on hearing these words, she instantly turned pale.

“This… Eldest Senior Brother… you called me over, just so… to make me return to the Sect?”

She shook her head furiously, “No, no way, I’m not going back! I want to stay here! Eldest Senior Brother, why must you chase me way? I…. I’m staying here in Sky Cloud City so that I can take good care of you?”

Li Moying replied coldly, “You have to leave if you wish to, and even if you don’t wish to, you’d still have to leave! Mo Yi, Mo Er! Invite Eldest Miss on board the flying ship!”