Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 108

Chapter 108 This Lord Cannot Afford To Lose This Face
Chapter 108 This Lord cannot afford to lose this face!

Since the father is this shameless, its no wonder that the daughter has no restraint. Even daring enough to frame her own cousin! When she is the one asking her to gamble, she does not dare! Tsk, tsk!

You really couldnt tell ah. To think I used believe that the Second Young Bai was beautiful and talented but still possessed a great heart. Turns out it was all a lie!

Listening to the roasts and exposing discussions, Bai Ruo Qi was both angry and worried; her face completely red.

The was the especially the case for the Crown Prince. Hearing those gossipers, his eyebrows knitted together and expression in deep thought.

Being talked about from passer-bys could be forgiven. But if the Crown Prince were to believe it and think she was a black bellied and malicious female, then all hopes of marrying into the Royal Household would be greatly impacted!

She could not allow them to continue to speak!

Loudly, Bai Ruo Qi proclaimed: Complete nonsense! When did I hold a guilty heart? The reason I did not take the gamble is because you are full of lies and trickery! It is only because you are with a mysterious man, allowing you access into the VIP room. Many saw this! Because you have seduced a powerful man, you are preparing to use his money to as proof?

Hearing this, Huang Yue Li really wanted to applaud her cousin!

This reason was just too good. Not only did she shift the blame from the gamble onto her, it also hinted that she was clutching a mans thigh; ruining her reputation!

If it were the previous Bai Ruo Li, she would have long become mute from fear.

(Z: If it were the previous Bai Ruo Li, this wouldnt even happen -.-)

It was unfortunate. The current person was her, Huang Yue Li!

Second Sister, what are you saying? I am merely friends with that man, coincidentally meeting on the way here. That was why we came to the auction together. Didnt you also come with the Crown Prince, Second Sister? Are you guys not ordinary friends..or..have hooked up together to do man-women things?

Bai Ruo Qi choked and was unable to speak.

If she really pressed on the matter, claiming that Bai Ruo Li had a suspicious relationship with men, then wouldnt she also be pulled out as an example? Having an intimate relationship with the Crown Prince?

In any caseeven if you are only ordinary friends, you are still able to borrow his money to cope with the situation. This isnt something unfair for the bet!

Feigning a helpless look, Huang Yue Li said: Second Sister, you are far too paranoid. I promise that I wont use anybodys money. If its discovered I have lied, then it is also considered my loss! In such a large and open place, with such a large amount of witnesses, Thousand Treasure Pavilions Shopkeeper Sun is also not a vegetarian. Am I still able to hide anything under such circumstances?

Those words were spoken very open and candidly.

But the more she acted like this, the more Bai Ruo Qi felt something was off!

Because Bai Ruo Qis hesitation lasted for a long time, the duration of the auction was extended.

Even Shopkeeper Sun became somewhat impatient. Coughing lightly, he said: Second Miss Bai, if you really have evidence, then I suggest you take the gamble. From what I can see, Third Miss Bais proposed bet is very fair! If you do not take the gamble, then it only serves to prove that you have framed her. And for Thousand Treasure Pavilions reputation, this one must ask Second Miss Bai to leave Thousand Treasure Pavilion, never to return!


Teeth clenched firmly, Bai Ruo Qi had no room to retreat or advance!

At this moment, the Crown Prince suddenly spoke out.

Enough. Dont hesitate any longer and bet with her!

Bai Ruo Qi stared at him blankly, Your Highness?

The Crown Prince glared at her, displeased: Things have already reached this point. If you dont bet with with her, are you ready to be banned from Thousand Treasure Pavilion? This Lord does not want to lose this face! Furthermore, Bai Ruo Li is more or less overcomplicating things. She does not have that much money, so she deliberately created such a shocking affair to intentionally scare you. Are you not even able to see through this?