Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 As Long As Shes Happy 4

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The last time Murong Fei provoked Huang Yueli, he had heard about it in the end and severely lectured her about it so after that she hadn’t dared to create trouble for her.

But now if he were to leave Celestial Light Academy now, he cannot allow Murong Fei this troublemaker to remain here. Her cultivation was much higher than his little fox and she might take the opportunity to create trouble for Huang Yueli if he wasn’t around.

So he could only bring her back together.

When Mo Yi and Mo Er heard his order, they walked up together.

“Eldest Young Miss, please!”

“No way, don’t come over! You two lowly servants, how dare you treat me like this??”

Murong Fei yelled out with a stern look, but Mo Yi and Mo Er didn’t play along with her tactics as they dragged her up the ship.

“Let me down! You’re too impudent, not even considering your own status!”

Murong Fei was still screeching and Mo Yi almost couldn’t help himself from covering her mouth up!

This Eldest Miss Murong’s voice was very loud and usually she loved to display a rich Missy’s demeanour, totally looking down on these shadow guards.

But she probably didn’t know that the strong who didn’t reveal their real anger weren’t shown by malicious words nor disdain towards their subordinates.

For example…. Just a look from Li Moying was enough to make one drenched in icy cold water, not daring to even think of having any thoughts of resistance!

As for Third Miss Bai, usually she looked so amiable, and were courteous towards them shadow guards but in crucial times, her ability would overflow wildly, using her own ability and knowledge, not to mention how she made them submit to her willingly and uncontrollably!

This was the realm!

Just one point alone would give Third Miss Bai the chance to put Murong Fei down into dregs, and this materialistic woman actually thought their Master would be interested in her?

After Murong Fei was dragged away, Li Moying’s expression evened out a little.

He turned around and looked at Elder Chen who was in a daze as he spoke, “Elder Chen, thank you for your help this time round. I’ve decided to return to the Sect today so I’ll be troubling you to give me a ride back!”

“Ah! Young Sect Master, you’re finally willing to return?” Elder Chen revealed a look of joy, “Great, that’s just great! Since you’ve already prepared, then let’s set off now!”

Li Moying followed Elder Chen on board the flying ship but did not enter the cabin. Instead he stood on the deck and looked down upon his own courtyard.

His Li’er….. was probably still quietly resting…

Forgive him, for not bidding farewell, because in his inner heart was a weak spot, not daring to face the farewell scenario.

By the time that little fox wakes up, she would feel extremely happy.

Because she had always wanted to get rid of him this sticky gum, this time…. She could finally realize her wish…..

As long as she was happy, he would be able to accept all the pain, including….. giving her true freedom…


The night scene gradually descended.

When midnight fell, the entire Celestial Light Academy had fallen into a state of tranquillity.

Huang Yueli finally replenished enough Profound Energy and gradually awoke.

She rubbed her eyes as she instinctively felt the bedsheet beside her, but only felt a cool sensation.

She abrupted awoke as yesterday’s memories gushed all into her brain!

Yesterday when Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness acted up…. he actually said something which only Mu Chengying knew about! And he even repeated whatever Mu Chengying had said to her!

This was simply the most ridiculous matter that she had ever come across! She… she must find out the truth from Li Moying!

Huang Yueli struck out one finger in mid air and a fireball lit up the pitch black room.