Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Ive Heard That Youve Been Ditched 1

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On the comfortable big bed, there was only her alone and no sight of Li Moying.

What situation was this? Could it be that last night…. She had been dreaming?

Wrong, there seemed to be an indentation on the bed, which represented that someone had slept on it…. this was definitely left behind by Li Moying! He probably awoke and left first!

“Anyone! Is there anyone there?”

Huang Yueli raised her voice as she called out.

A maid whom she had never met before pushed the door open and walked in, “Miss Bai, you’re awake? You’ve slept for such a long time, do you feel dizzy? I’ve prepared some porridge and side dishes, do you want to eat a little?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and asked, “How long have I been sleeping for?”

“You’ve slept for an entire day and night and it’s now midnight.”

Huang Yueli asked again, “Then….. have you seen Li Moying? Where did he go to? Why isn’t he resting in the room since it’s already midnight?”

“Ah? You are referring to that tall handsome Mister Li?” The maid’s eyes widened, “Mister Li had already left Celestial Light Academy this afternoon, saying…. he’s returning to Celestial Light Sect and will not be coming to our academy again!”

“What?? What did you say??” Huang Yueli cried out in shock, “How could that be possible??”

The maid was shocked by her agitated reaction and subconsciously took two steps backwards.

Huang Yueli tried hard to control her own emotion as she lowered her volume, “You say…. Li Moying has returned to the Celestial Light Sect? Are you sure? Did you get the information wrong?”

The maid looked at her apprehensively and continued, “I…. I won’t get it wrong. Principal Jiang asked me to come over and take care of Miss Bai so when we came over today, we ran into Mister Li. He personally told us to take good care of you and that he was leaving the academy. This afternoon, a huge flying ship came and picked him up, that flying ship is really so beautiful and mighty! So many students saw it and we’re all very envious!”

While she was speaking, Huang Yueli kept looking at her in the eye, not hesitating to use that little bit of Profound Energy which she had regained, forcefully executing her Piercing Sky Eye Technique!

The result proved that the maid indeed wasn’t lying and Li Moying had really left!

Huang Yueli lifted the blanket aside and got off the bed but her head was still dizzy and she almost fainted.

The maid hurried up to stop her, “Miss Bai, you…. don’t anyhow move around! Doctor Yang says you need to rest in bed for at least three days!”

Huang Yueli waved her hand and said, “I know already, please leave the room!”

After the maid left, she immediately stood up by supporting herself with the side of the bed, her heart was flustered with only one thought in mind.

Li Moying actually left! He actually returned to the Sect!

Furthermore…. He left without bidding farewell!

How was that possible? Usually wasn’t he difficult to be chased away? Why did he ran away while she was in lethargic sleep? Could it be that something had happened in Celestial Light Sect?

Her hands moved and seemed to touch something. She lowered her head to take a look and discovered a folded letter.

Huang Yueli hastily picked it up as she read it against the light.


‘By the time you see this letter, I should have left Celestial Light Academy.

Knowing that you already have someone in your heart, my feelings are extremely complicated. I don’t wish to leave your side but I’m really afraid, that one day…. I will be rash and lock you up, hiding you in a place where only I know about, confining you, possessing you and not allowing you to see anyone else except for me.’