Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 Ive Heard That Youve Been Ditched 2

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Am I very scary?

In order to stop myself from making this mistake, I must leave. Forgive me for not having the courage to bade farewell to you.

I believe that with a powerful and respectable man like Liu Buyan beside you, you don’t feel lonely.

Wishing you both a long-lived harmonious union, living to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss.


The letter was very simple and in the end there wasn’t any signatory sign off but from that arrogant and overbearing grass script, Huang Yueli would not be mistaken.

Li Moying’s writing was calm and in the end, he was exceptional enduring while wishing her bliss, but from what Huang Yueli saw, she seemed to be able to clearly feel the deep pain which the man was feeling in his heart.

Writing such things, he really wanted…. To separate from her?

Huang Yueli was stuffed for a moment before angrily patting the letter onto the table, “Li Moying, what do you mean? I already said there’s nothing between me and Liu Buyan! You actually made up images in your own mind! And wishing us conjugal bliss?? If I really get married to him, you can go cry, hmph!”

“And what’s more, you don’t even dare to face me and talk, not even daring to bid farewell. What a scardy cat, coward! Not like a real man at all, I’m so angry that I can die!”

“Yesterday you exposed your own identity and made me full of queries and now without giving me a chance to ask properly, you actually ran away?? If you have what it takes, don’t let me find you, otherwise…. I will definitely let you see some colours!”

Huang Yueli decided on the spot that this absolutely cannot just end like that! She must find Li Moying and ask him clearly!

Actually after last night, she was around ninety percent sure that Li Moying probably was Mu Chengying but didn’t knew what had happened to him.

Now that she saw him escaping hastily once dawn broke out, he probably couldn’t remember what happened after his illness relapsed and wouldn’t be able to recall if his memories had anything to do with Mu Chengying.

Moreover that Soul Detachment Illness was extremely strange, in this….. there was definitely a huge secret which she didn’t knew about!

But Huang Yueli actually secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Just some time ago, she was almost forced into lunacy by Li Moying!

She obviously wasn’t some flowery hearted person and in her past life, she had so many pursuers and yet she clearly knew who she liked. Why was it that after she reincarnated, the first man she saw, she had a change of heart?

She secretly blamed herself for betraying Mu Chengying…

Now there was a huge possibility that the both of them were the same person then it would show that she wasn’t flower hearted. On the contrary, she had great foresight. Even though both of them bore different identities, but subconsciously, she was still able to tell that the person she liked was there…..

But even after thousand words were repeated, the most urgent matter now was to find Li Moying and find out from him what exactly happened to him.

Huang Yueli was determined as she secretly returned to her own room and started packing her luggage.

The next day, while dawn had just broke out, Huang Yueli woke up very early and prepared to set off on her journey.

Although Li Moying sat on a huge flying ship, she probably wouldn’t be able to chase up to him, but the earlier she got to Celestial Light Sect, the better.

She first went to Su Qingyue and informed her that she was going on a journey to learn through experience and left her some secret manuals and pills, allowing her and Yu Xinyang to cultivate properly.

After this was done, Huang Yueli headed directly to the entrance of the academy.

Whoever knew that the minute she walked to the public square, from afar, she saw Li Xue’er walking right up to her.